Sep 14, 2010

Hoops & Yoyo, how I love them!

Today is my boyfriend's birthday, and after a short call to greet him, I went online to procure him a nice e-card, because, after all, what's a birthday without funny birthday cards, right? Given that Hallmark had bowed low to Lord Money and was requesting US$0,99 for a card you can't really keep, I went seeking alternative solutions. However, no real e-card hunt can start without at least a passing look at one of my favorite sites: Hoops & Yoyo's. Their site went "Hallmark" in the past months, which meant it was out of the question for me in that regard, but I simply wanted to be there and remember the good ol' times.

Well, to my surprise, the site was free again! Free, free, free! Naturally I plunged in and reveled in all the marveous things they have. The wallpapers, the ringtones, the goodies, the cards... I don't know who made them change their mind, but thanks Hyne they did! As result I sent an old friend of mine an office card and so we are picking our tradition of "one-hoopsandyoyo-card-a-day". From their snappy replies to their coffee jitters, they are a bright spot in my day.

Have you Hoops&Yoyo today?

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