Mar 22, 2011


Those who have iPhones - or many other smartphones with similar bahavior pattern - know about apps, those little programs that you download onto your phone for free or a fee, and help making your mobile phone into a device that does much more than just calls and SMS, to the point of almost making the calls and SMS into another of the apps - basic apps. The whole point of them also is to customize them, to have on your handheld - hardly even worth calling it a phone, for you basically use it to LIVE in it, rather than simply make a call - the apps and thingies You want to have. Not the preordained goodies the manufacturer decided to include. Your games, your outlook, your calendar, your clock, your calculator... often for a price. You didn't really thought you'd get the goods for free, right? Some are free though, so don't fret it.

The advertisement of Apple reminds you every now and then, that ther are apps for anything and everything. Games, maps, measurements, weather, step counter, sound recorder, calorie counter, music player, internet browser, spotlight... you name it. Some are probably even stupid apps you wonder who the heck would even think getting them. Just Google "useless iphone apps" or "stupid iphone apps" and you'll see. Allegedly Apple does check them - when it gets to them - and rejects some. What's the criteria we don't know, but after the one released today on the news, we'd sure want to.

As an act of Hyne-knows-what it seems that a Christian group  - not my kind, I would like to point that out right now - released an app to "cure homosexuality". In the sweet name of chocolate, what the fucking hell where they thinking?? I assume it comes from the same morons who say Global Warming is a myth and all that's happening is because The End is Nigh. Well, certainly no self-respecting gay person would take this crap seriously, but what raised many eyebrows is how Apple hasn't rejected it. I mean, it's not funny, it's insulting, and it's insulting not only for the gay community, it's insulting for the straight community as well, and the Christians all across the globe.

Sorry, I don't fuck women, but that doesn't mean I'm not sensitive to the issues of those women who do, or the men who choose to fuck men. You can't cure homosexuality as much as you can't cure your skin color or gender, and anyone would think that this far into the XXIst century people would know that much. It's already  abhorrent how a group of close minded people take for themselves the right to uphold from others the right to marry whomever the fuck they want, but to come up with an app like this? Really, get a brain.

Honestly I am offended, and the only Apple product I have is iTunes, yet still, the company should know better than lending space for this sort of display of bigotry.

In a way, for me, it was interesting how this article came in the same paper, in the same issue where not much appart a movie was discussed which presents the topic of gay couples to children, "Le Baise the la Lune". This attitude, both promoting it as well as allowing it, generates only hate, and not only homophobia, but also heterophobia. Personally I find it real stupid to make a war about who we choose to love and who we choose to sleep with.

Apple should know better, and some Christians should make everybody a favor and either shut the fuck up or hasten their own Apocalypsis and drop dead.

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