Mar 1, 2011

Blogging of Others

As of yesterday I started a loose kind of research about this topic of the Serial Posting I intend to do on religion, clawing into a particular one I find rather interesting: Wiccan. As part of a general scooping, I found this blog by a Solitary Wiccan Witch I started reading and can't really stop since. Is it a spell placed on the blog? Is it witchcraft? Well, it's more the small dabs in which she writes what entice me. I jump chronologically from one post to the next quite easily, with really short postings and all of them with quite a lovely happiness flair. It's the kind of blog that makes you smile. ^_^

So far (I've read about 2 years worth of posts) it has all been Wiccan themed, which I believe is the witch' intent with the blog, but you don't really mind it. If you are not fully familiar with a more extended version of the English language (and mine is basically street, internet and movie based, so...) as well as the basic witchcraft terms, then you'll need a profuse use of search engines of any sort you favour to make sense of some things. (Today I learned the word "besom" which is the twig broom of witches.) However the bits and snipets as well as the witchy-memes she publishes keeps you fairly entertained. 

Reading her it came to me that actually short posted blogs can be just as body-full as long-post blogs (such as yours truly always seems to write... when she does), something I hardly considered due to my well known unhability to keep my musings short, as well as my tendency to dig into stuff, thus usually preferring the long and detailed rather than the summarized and simple (when it comes to readings - I'm rather lenght-intolerant when it comes to verbal explanations in long formats). This very thing, as a matter of fact, is what's behind my disregard for poetry and screenplays and my overly imposing like for prose. However, as I read the witch, I wondered about the fullness of shortness, the broad meaning behind the scarce words, the moods, the thoughts and all those things that remain suspended in the air, if the words are properly chosen.

I won't seek to try out that path. It would be like asking me to reply a letter in an A5 on one side only, but I guess as I read I become more aware of the turns and extention of communications, not only between people, but also from the person to him or herself and the person to the unexplorable nothing and darkness.

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