Feb 28, 2011

Project for a Series of Posts

If you have spent sometime reading this blog (or any other blog written by me in the last... 8 years) you will realize that I NEVER, and I mean NEVER engage into thematic blogs. I write about everything and anything that comes to my mind, unlike many other blogs liked precisely because they are topic centered. Sometimes I think I should do something like that - thematic blogs, I mean -  because that would go well with my order-loving side, but it would be too boring and constraining for my general liking, and that wouldn't go well with my freedom-loving, and I-do-what-I-fucking-want-to side. Thus any blog I ever write (and trust me, I've written many and shed many) basically engage in the general online-journal style. Much bitching, much gossip (placed in the proper blogs, which is why I keep more than one! ^_~) and much give-a-piece-of-my-mind as the general tone.

In a way this opens a lot of doors and keeps many critics at bay - which I appreciate. As part of the pluses of this, any time I want I can come up with any topic I wish to develop or even work on a given circle of concepts for as long as I want without breaking the general voice of the blog. Society, politics, economics, working conditions and lately sexual behavior have been common elements I have developed, but never really considered making a "series" out of them. Inspired by some of the blogs I have read lately, I decided to do something I haven't really done so far: work out a series of posts, for which I'll make research. The topics that could be subject to this sort of series are many, and elements related with the Middle Age are not far from my plate - though seriously need some revising, for I won't just plung into a characterization of Charlemagne - but as I was paging through options, discarding some choices - there was a sex topic I thought about developing as a paralel series to that developed by a Costa Rican blogger - there was one that stuck to me: Religions.

Yes, you know what they say: there are three topics that should always be avoided in polite conversations: politics, football and religion. Politics is also on my plate, generously seasoned with economics, but a series of that would require more working out. Football isn't.

The inspiration for this series came from a really unusual source. I was surfing on the net while the TV was on (like when you finished some show you wanted to see and are waiting for the next you wanna see, and so far there's nothing good on, so you leave it on whatever until the appointed time) and some bridal show was on. I wouldn't willingly watch that crap, and from time to time I turned to look at the stupid female and her cohorts picking some overpriced white dress they would use only once - the day they stupidly stick their heads into the noose. I tell you, it's like Jackass, only it ruins lifes and costs a fucking lot. So anyways, loser after loser went by until there was this chick - another bridal sacrifice - that was wiccan. Yes, it happens, you know, people thinking they are witches and so on. Only she had a Jewish mother and a Catholic father. Now that got my attention. Sadly the show was about picking the dress, so I couldn't find out how did she ended up in a religion that's pretty much condemned by both her folks' religions. So this got me thinking about the topic, the matter of religions and how people relate to them. Also the question raised again about the importance of religion in life, the place of it and the prejudices that surround some.

As a Christian, brought up in the Christian society - though I was brought up Atheist - for long time the "normal" religion, and almost the only religion in town was Christianity. At school we were often mislead by teachers and priests even, to think that "other religions" meant Catholic, Baptist, Protestant, Methodist and such. The idea of a religion not involving Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit was such an alien thought as alcohol free whisky. In time the notion changed, though I'm certain there are many people out there that still believe that "religion" considers only "Christianity" and "Church" and any other thing is a "New Age Fashion thing". In this sense I decided to run a research - not too large, for this is just a personal blog, not an academic site on the matter - pick some religions of my interest to be examinated, and publish a series of posts on the matter.

Needless to say, it won't be a matter of "objective examination", as there wouldn't be any fun in objectively dissecting a religion, but rather to stare at it from my point of view and grasp it, get a taste of it and what can be attractive about it. Attractive from whatever perspective of mine or foreign I my choose, which discards the objetivity of the exercise ad portas. Won't be a guide to evaluate and select your religion, that's entirely up to you. It will simply be my take on them.

We shall see how it comes out, and if I like the process, then I guess I'll be probably plunging into other topics for serial-posting.

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