Feb 18, 2011

Nihilist Statement - Society is the Boogieman

The most seducing things in life seem to be always those you can't get by any acceptable mean, any decent, presentable, proper unblemished way. The reason for this lies in the fact that satisfaction isn't really a socially desirable state. There were the Ancient Greek considered the restful state, the rutinary state proper of the gods, society finds that sated, happy people wouldn't move away from that state effectively staling the further development of  it as a whole. The sated state would move only to reproduce the same effect, soon detaching from social links as eventually the very individual, in its human capability to learn, would be able to reproduce the satifying cycle, and thus breaking the need for a cohesive grouping that allows controlled, accepted preying from ones over others.

That would mean the end of society as we know it. Indeed it seems - without any trace of a doubt - that society bids upon the constant unsatisfaction of the individuals as a sort of social glue as well as a social fuel to keep the pieces cohesive and working, one with the other pulled unnaturally together, generating all the while a wide arrange of needs designed such that would never be sated. A never ending source of cravings and demands that would be pleased only with products such of instant nature, of such swift gratification the feel of satisfaction never touches the senses. 

And so, a mankind shackled by the gut to the ever producing, ever demanding, ever complex, ever mangled and tangled society remains secured in the fatal, bruising cobweb of an unnatural collectivity. Impulses are demonized, instincts debased, curiosity mangled and creativity obscured. Human nature is replaced by a social schedule, a social contract, a program, an imposed commitment to which under the façade of ethics and morals and principles the soul is harnessed, abide to mould and bend into a disgraceful state of herd, pliant to the harsh commands of an invisible entity, pupet only to obscure individuals set aside by their own rotted guts, their hatred of the species they belong to, ravenous of blood and revenge upon the disgrace of their own abhorrent, deviant shape.

Thus is born the request for the nurture in every soul features such that render the human maleable. Such is born the desirability of obedience, of humbleness, quiet nature, acceptance, tolerance, normalcy, compliance, commitment, willingness to change, but only when that change is promoted by society itself, when it has been programmed, when it aids the dark pupetmasters and fits into plans of further enslaving of the collective will, the supressing of the individual mind.

The tools of society stop at nothing, know none of the limits otherwise imposed upon the individuals. No sense of fairness, no sense of honor, no sense of mercy, no sense of tolerance, no sense of good, no sense of decency, no sense of respect. Above all, the greatest of all hypocritical values imposed upon the human soul, no sense of respect. So what is this society, this collective body that demands for its proper functioning a great deal of respect from the individuals it strips of humanity and force them into lambs, while it, this huge, opressing body shows no respect in return? 

Not one individual can claim  to be fully loved, entirely accepted, perfectly fitted into society and thus respected by it. If it were to happen, such individual would find itself sated and from that moment on it would no longer shift and move fueling the obscure machinery of society. Respect in return is thus dangerous for the dinamics of the unnatural body, a body which despises its components the same way the dark, sick, decadent pupet masters despise their fellows and themselves.

As a mortal trap, slaves born from slaves into slavery, so are humans bred by social cells called families, born into the poisoned, self hating trap of society. A bundle of moving flesh infused with a whisper of inspiration, fire, unleashed intellect, chocked from early age  into the grip of the ogre, the boogieman, the monster that lives in the closet, the skeletons that will always chase you down. 

Who tells the child the monsters in the dark are all but one, the one into which they've been born? Who could then claim the lie of life being a gift? Who to claim suicide is a crime?

Society is the boogieman. Society is the monster and society is after you. Society is the one chasing the paranoid. Society is the one not leaving the schizophren alone. Society is the mass murderer, the mass torturer, the mass dictator, the mass hater. Takes and demands to strip. Mocks and demands obedience, compliance, acceptance, humbleness, detachment, willingness to self debasing, but above all, respect. That undeserved Respect.

*written as texture text for a wallpaper

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