Feb 6, 2011

New Routines

Allow me to start by pouring myself a big glass of chilled cas drink, straight from the fridge. Boy, I feel like having pizza, and maybe some delicious Canadian, with onion and green pepper and bacon, or manybe a Brazilian, as I'm getting the hang of the lemon on my pizza, and damned if I miss the delicious Dallas pizza from Hungary, though there's nothing like the meatlover, for those of us with hot, red blood running in our pipes. Tomorrow will be quite an important day, as I've my monthly appointment with my dentist, or how I like to call it "The day to make my smile even prettier", work also has its usual things, nothing out of the ordinary, if you ask me, but the "thing" started this weekend.

Yes, it is SuperBowl weekend, thanks for noticing it, but instead of going with the crew to some sportsbar, I think I'll watch the game from home, in my new bedroom. No, I didn't move from the house, I moved to a new bedroom, since there were a few electrical connection problems with the old one (the TV kept failing on me).

My new bedroom used to be actually my brother's bedroom when he lived here with his wife. Back then it was cluttered and cramped to capacity. The only place you could move was on the bed, and that considering that it's the biggest room in the house. My old room was on the other end of the house, much smaller (though not the smaller room) and very, very liuminated. Of course big mirror doors on the biggest closet of the house made the whole thing look bigger. After my brother & Family moved out, the room was something like a guestroom/Internet room, where my folks went to use the internet.

The room is dark and has a poor distribution, the closet is small and is poorly distributed (I didn't design the inside), so I never considered it for moving, until Kari. You see, my original bed is a narrow, low bed, perfect for one person, but impossible for two, so when Kari came to visit the first time - and everytime since then - we've had to take that room to stay together. Sure, it's nice not to be sleeping right next to my folks, but the hassle for me to have him here, but my stuff in another part of the house, was getting to my nerves, not to mention not having things arranged my way. So, after months and months of evaluating the options, and then having the power failure, I did the move. It was freaking tiresome and I haven't passed all of my things yet! Damned, I've A LOT of clothes.

This was something I had been thinking about for quite some months already, but it wasn't until now that I finally did it. Isn't bad, but still feels like weird. I'm quite used to moving furniture around myself, but this time my mom, my dad and my brother helped me move, and that felt awesome. It wasn't so good that even though I measured the room before moving it, my original planning couldn't be delievered, and the furniture seem to have grown or the room got shorter, so I was one foot short on my original planning, however I managed to set everything quite to my liking.

So today I woke up with a smaller closet, a smaller desk and a larger bed. Like is strange that way. Made me wonder though, what will happen when I move home. There the closet WILL BE smaller and the desk EVEN SMALLER. Oh well, time to think about downsizing. It's still not entirely Me, but things hardly get soaked in the personality of the new inhabitant so fast, so I'll give us time.

However the room hasn't been the only change.

On Friday my friend Alix and I went out to chat and talk stuff and so. We went to a nice joint close to where we live (closer to her place than mine) where we basically went over every single important topic on life, showed support towards each other - like only friends came -  and among all those things we realized we are both having bloodpressure problems - nothing major, but it's about time we start taking care of it. So out of the blue, I found myself suddenly proposing to go walking an hour in the morning the next day. And we did. It was so good, I told her we should do it today too, and so at 8 am I was ringing her up from the door.

I know it's not aerobics, or a gym routine, but it's something we can do to push our health back into shape. It's nice, inexpensive and anyone can do it. Together we go out and spend the whole time talking, sharing thoughts and experiences about everything.

This is a change in our routine, and well, I've changed more than that, but along with the cas drink instead of coke (on the weekends!) and the room, this weekend excersize, aside from the aid to the health, I think could bring something to both our lives. It never ceases to amaze me how onw small action can have so many consequences to your live and the lives of others. Now, if you'll allow me, I'll go orther that pizza.

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