Feb 13, 2011

A little bit of A lot

It's Sunday already, Sunday morning, and I woke up with a sore throat that sent my plans to go walking with my friend Alix, down the sewer. I think I'm coming down with some sort of flu. Oh goodie. Alix sent me an SMS at some unholy hour of the day (like 6:30 or something) that she can't go walking today because she's out of town - namely at the Capital City. Damned, what does anyone do at that hour on a Sunday there? Preparing for mass or something? Who knows, I'm a Lutheran and have no idea about the strange rituals our Catholic siblings keep. I would try and convert Alix to the more-reasonable, less-ritualistic Lutheran faith, but religions deeply engrained in the family are hard to extirpate.

Anyway, if it would have been only because Alix can go walking with me, that wouldn't have stopped me, as I still can walk by my own (learned that trick with I was a baby), but the morning was windy and the throat was "the hell I'm going anywhere near that!". Throat won, specially since I know how nasty can it be. So, condemned to spend these 24 hours at home - in hopes for it to subside some so tomorrow I can go to work without that much hassle - I'll occupy myself with in-house amusement, which basically means penpaling, reading and watching TV. The Internet is kinda losing interest for me, as even though I've the FB again, and I tweet - though that I can do from the phone too - the caleidoscopic nature of the www has not enough substance for me these days. Long texts are boring to read - unlike think books - and short texts are, well, short. All bits seem so disconected, an array of dislodged stuff, like a bag full of limbs, but no whole person anywhere.

I've a request from this German girl to become penpals. Yep, another German girl. I must have some secret magnetic power to alway pull my way the german-speaking crew. ^_^ Not that I mind, but it gets me thinking whether mainly the German and the Austrian are the ones keeping the art of words-on-paper. That or my profile really appeals to the German, which is also nice. ^_^ I'd love to add her to my friends, but as I look over my desk to the neat pile of "letters to answer" I'm thinking whether I can actually afford yet another penpal. I'll think about that.

This week, aside from some "great revelations" and "great confirmations", things got ahead. Well, maybe not with the thesis - the ball is now on the court of the tutor and we know how he usually holds his line, and we are the ones making moves to intercept it and push for the 1st&10 like crazy. A coworkers of mine, and former classmate at the university, will get married next Saturday. Damned. 

Can't really understand those who follow that path. Another coworker of mine got married last year and now they are expecting their first kid. Now this one is poking his head into the noose, and chances are others will follow their dreadful example. Is it something in the air? Is it a malignant social pressure - peer pressure - pushing people to do stupid crap, like when you are young and your friends tease you until your get drunk or stoned even when you don't want to? Oh well, we all were then pushed into the social ritual of sacrifice for the one to be soon sacrified: we sort of threw an office party and got the noosed an armful of kitchen appliances - small stuff - to furnish up his cell home.

St. Valentine's day is near. It's tomorrow, actually, and people are preparing with yet another round of crazy shopping for lots of crap nobody really needs and even ugly gifts fitted only to decorate the bottom of the waste basket. Some people, like Smurf, faithful to their "spend no money on gifts" philosophy, declare over every cyber-mean available, and proclaim openly to the unattending crowd that they won't give a dime, they don't believe in that, and "love is celebrated everyday". Kinda weird, but it happens. Others, make a purpose to clutter all of your communications means (e-mail, twitter, facebook, phone) with prefab messages, in what seems much like a mass-message where your name or your number was added simply as part of the group they want to greet. You are part of "friends" or "coworkers" or whatever other name people have to label you as part of a crew. Some are meaningful. Yes, they are, but how many are like that?

So is St. Valentine's day a purely commercial day, or a day to remember something, a moment in a year to stop and think about the value of love in all its colors, depends on what people what to see in it, and of course, on what people want to celebrate in it.

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