Jan 1, 2016

New Year Resolutions

Isn't it exciting? It's January 1st, an actually very normal day, nothing truly special from any other day, but it's yet something fantastic! It's the begining of a a new year and with it the chance to set to ourselves new goals, review the year that has passed (though some did all that yesterday and today are nursing a mother of hangovers), and so on. ^_^ It's very invigorating! Yes, haters and trolls will go around mulling and bitching on how "it's a day like any other day" and "there's nothing special about it" and "the world hasn't changed because it's a new year" and so on. It's ok, take a moment to pity them, but then go on and be happy and excited! I mean, "Friday" doesn't exist as such exactly, but don't we love it when it comes? Let bitter people be bitter, and concentrate on being awesome. :-)

Our lives are a long chain of cycles, and these cycles help us improve and move ahead. Something that motivates us are our goals. They are like little hopes and promises we set to ourselves, like a candle we set to light the path to were we want to go. Like what? Well, our big goals are like getting a degree, or finally opening our own business, raising kids, buy a house and so on. A lot of our goals take quite some time to achieve, and when we fulfill them, we usually feel really good about them. Smaller goals can also be set, which we can achieve in shorter periods of time. Resolutions are like these. This custom is about taking this date to set goals for the year to start, with the finality of fulfilling them within it. The good thing about this is that the New Year Resolutions give you a foreseeable time frame to fulfill them.

Several articles and posts talk about how New Year Resolutions can be positive or negative, or how they are good for nothing or very valuable. I guess it depends on your attitude towards it. These resolutions are as good or as bad as To-Do lists, not holier not any more evil.

Last year I set myself 18 goals for 2015, from which I completed 8, and one... somehow. This year I decided to go with 13 goals, which are the following:

1. Keep track of my finances, along with improving my accounting system and making a bigger effort to follow a budget.
2. Save money
3. Get fit. I no longer need to lose weight, but I'd like to start improving the shape of my body.
4. Complete the scrapbook project for my Mom.
5. Blog weekly in here, monthly in my Hungarian blog.
6. Make new friends
7. Write more
8. Read 24 books
9. Journal more
10. Spend less (this will be tricky)
11. Meditate
12. Work on my BoS
13. Have an art ot nature experience monthly

:-) Like a yearly, wonderful List of 13.

Happy 2016, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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