Jan 10, 2016

Weekend With The Girls

I think I actually had a rather interesting topic for this week to share, but I forgot about it. Go figure. It happens, right? Back in 2012 I was a tad more organized and used to have these ideas far better caught in paper, stored in a notebook for whenever I wanted to write but had no idea wht to write about. Oh, what happened to that good system? So sad when we let go of great systems that work for us. But I won't go into that - I'll rather go back into using my notebooks, for which now comes handy my lovely new notebook ^_^ - and instead I'll write a little bt about the week itself.

This week I shipped my stuff from Hungary to Costa Rica, flew back home with my brother and then we went back to the office. I don't suffer from jetlags, but still all the tiredness of the trip came in bouts at night, when I've been falling dead to the world at night. Work has been feeling ok, quite reflreshing, if I must say so. Work actually feels nice, and it feels good to go to the office everyday, which I enjoy and feels my heart with gladness. It is horrible, though, at the same time to see my country start falling in shambles, the company I work were also start shedding into nothing as wave after wave of unemployment hits it, throwimg more and more people to the streets to starve.

However, before we even go into political conversations here, let's move to a nicer, lighter topic. As part of our little holidays, the girls and I decided to rent a room at a nice hotel and hole up in it to organize a sort of slumber party. We had movies - mostly Sherlock of the BBC - and then drinks and long, funny chats and laughter and free snacks and so on.

The hotel to which we went is one that belongs to the Barceló hotel chain, and I must say that this is the second time I come here on a "geek retreat", as the girls and I call it, and I'm just as displeased. I mean, the place is nice, the room is beautiful, the view and the facilities are wonderful, but the service, dear Goodness, it's dreadful! Truthfully, it's amazing how the service goes out of their way to be unserviceable. Not all of them, but it's amazing how you call for an extra towel because there are only two in a room for three people and you have to wait HOURS for the towel to arrive. And call again and again for it.

This time around, however, the girls and I also decided to make use of the pool this time around. I again forgot to pack up my bathing suit, so Lau and I went to a store to buy me a new one. It was quite an experience to know I could get myself a two piece bathing suit and wear it confidently. ^_^ It's good to know that hard work and discipline has its rewards, and such great rewards.

The girls and I had a great time at the pool and then went and relaxed at the jacuzzi. We spent two nights recharging our batteries, hardly leaving the hotel, enjoying the soft beds and the Club Premium.

Little breaks are needed to make our daily lives more bearable. You don't need to fly anywhere, don't even need to leave town, just move out of the usual, spend a weekend at a hotel, pamper yourself and have fun.

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