Dec 7, 2010

Day 2 Tripping on the "Next Button"

This could be considered one of those cases where something has clearly proven to be bad for you, yet you keep doing it. On a separate page, I let the search of the "Next Blog" yesterday at something trhat might be considered by my standards as readable. I say might, because the blog really looks awesome, but I don't know if it's due to the "Stay-home-Mom-blog" effect on me, which might have distorted my view and perhaps makes me see these things as better when they are not.

Thanks to Mozilla's attentions, this page remained with me today, thus given the loose conditions that reign upon us today, I spent some time clicking it to see what would appear now. It certainly never fails to amaze me how these so different blogs are supposed to be "the next one". Next in what sort of order or line? Who put them there and on which account are they the next? shall I be offended that I was placed next to the "Stay-at-home-Moms"? I'm certainly not in the same cathegory, Childfree, Freedom-fighter, opinionated, meat-eater me. Well, in this odd order of the cyberverse, after babies, embroidery and quilting came the artsy section, with blog after blog dedicated to pictures, photos, eisels and so on. It's nice, but it's not my crew. I'm a words-person, not only for writing them, but also for reading them, which is why I can't possible find a blog posting pictures only so amusing.

It's different than a museum, though admitedly, my behavior at the museums isn't either the most traditional. However blogs, picture-blogs are not like museums. Post after post with maybe a title and a picture. The thought "a picture worths 1000 words" came to my mind in sarcasm, and I couldn't stop myself from thinking how I would rather read those 1000 words than watch that monotonous sequence of "urban jungle" pictures.

One after the other, ropes of blogs with pictures and no words, monochromatic in their effort to be artistic, to present something mundane yet impressive, as if a particular grafitti, or a slum would yield them a prize for discovering the whatever on the whatever.

If that weren't enough, soon after them trailed the videobloggers. Really, what's with people? Why so adamant about the written word?

Yes, I'm Prose. I'm word without music, of long lines without danceable rhythm. I'm Prose, and thus perhaps I have no talent, no soul, no empathy towards other ways of expression, and perhaps this is why I don't get it, but as I click through the blogs, videos on top of videos scroll down and I wonder, what could these people have to say?

Ah, some prose. Tight line in tight columns, measuring up to elementary school notebooks, where people write so little and yet might look like a freaking lot. It becomes ironic how the diseconomy, the debauchered consuming people practices, the need to express in clothes, cars, jewelry and iPhones pulls out the strenght of communication from one of the most direct and elemental, primal ways of communication humanity has conquered.

I'm still clicking away, looking for those exceptional, juicy, delicious bloggers that ought to bet there, lurking in the shadows, sharing with the darkness of the cyberverse their snappy view of life.

Among the clicks I've found this lass from an Asian country, I believe, who mixes her personal life on her blog in masterful chunks. It's one of those "impossible not to love" type of personalities. In one of her posts she mentions she actually has only one pair of black pumps. Damned, I'm not much of a shoe-freak, or maybe I should say I'm not (though I'm a certified boot and red-shoe lover), but I have ... not a few black shoes. As a matter of fact, this Saturday I bought yet another pair, making a grand total of three standard issue, workplace proper black pumps (of a total of over 10 pairs of black shoes... not counting two pairs of black boots and one pair of black rubber boots). This kept me wondering about what other colors of pumps she may have.

The cyberverse is wide and diverse, but how much opportunity shall we give to a devious button like "Next Blog", that rag us through the seswers of hell, all to find those scarce pearls of Human Thinking? I guess this is not the end of my "Quest Into The Wild Next Blog Button", so I'll probably keep you posted, whether you like it or not.

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