Dec 6, 2010

Kill The "Next Blog" Button!

Two posts in one day? Yeah, miracles happen, so deal with them.

So it happens that the other day a friend of mine (following my Hungarian blog, not like you would notice, since I run a sort of "Witness Protection Program", for reasons that should remain equally protected) wrote in her blog (by the way, too bad you can't read Hungarian, nor I reveal the identity of my friend, because her blog is truly something) about the "next button" and the strange things you find in there. Once, in the begining of my bloogger-days I hit the button and soon felt I have lost track of the cyberverse and was trapped in an Alice-like maze where only the strangest, freakiest, wicked cyberfingers tapped the most strange things in the planet. It led me t a bunch of blogs in strange - Slavic-looking languages, with pictures of old folks in flower printed kerchiefs tied to the head or straw hats, leather pants and carts pulled by an ox. Yeah, full on "Welcome to the Balkans, this is Viktor Krum's secret life" kind that prompts from any soul the type of "I'll turn around and run away screaming and waving my hands over my head" reaction. I didn't try the "forbidden button" again (specially because the back button didn't take you back, it took you to yet another dimension of weird).

My Protected Identity Friend made the same life-branding mistake, and was lead down the "beading" world, where all sorts of bored, stay-home-moms posted about doing crap with beads. My friend bitched about it, with much right. It shall have scarred her for life. At that moment I shared with her my experience with "The Button" and we both laughed.

Well, today, possessed by Castiel-knows what wicked demon, I decided to see what will the Wicked Button yield to me. It was a nightmare. It was all Moms. Crocheting moms, quiting moms, knitting moms and moms who posted up from the picture of their offsprings. I saw pictures of families posing like "Eight's Enough"! Smiley Brady Bunches! It was a nightmare. My poor, pure, innocent Childfree eyes were scarred. I think I'll have to watch Rosemary's Baby and Friday 13th a freaking lot of times - maybe throw in the whole Chucky saga - to heal the damage dealt on me.

Like back in the day, when attacked by the Balkan onslaught, I'd love to elevate a plea to Blogger and ask it to please, please line up only similar blogs.

In any case, the experience worths mentioning also because it yielded also an interesting insight about the cyberverse. In Twitter many think that a "full cybernaut" has a twitter account and has a blog - the blog being the badge that acredits said cybernaut with the skills of opinion and expression, but after casting a glance at this horrid spaces, I believe the standards should be readjusted. You don't need a blog to have an opinion and be able to express yourself, and it seems that you don't need an opinion or expression skills to have a blog.

Sad. so sad.  where are the oversharing lesbian blogs or the coworker haters, the seasoned single blogs, the "fuck you" blogs, the opinion blogs. Where are the veins of new philosophy? Or are moms talking about how to knit mittens, or showing off their latest quilting project, or talking about how good it felt to potty-train their sixth child all there is? Are we, the opinionated the minority?

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