Dec 13, 2010

Last Week of Work

Monday, faithful Monday. This is the last Monday of 2010 that I'll work. Four days from now I'll be in my well deserved vacations, pulling my tight packed luggage to the counter of the airport, tickets in hand and thinking about the whiskies I will want to drink. That's a thing about me: whisky is teh drink I loooove to drink in airports. Not like beer tastes any worse in there, but whisky is like part of my tradition. It just never tastes better.

In four days I hope I'll have all my tasks done, all my boxes in my lists checked, everything packed, everything double checked, the clothes planned, the physical and mental disposition in order for the trip and all. Yep, mental and physical disposition. The physical disposition meaning my hability to sleep folded in three on the plane, lulled by the brrrrrrrrrr-POCK-POCK-POCK-brrrrrrr of the plane accompanied with the rocking of the turbulences. Really, now even KLM pilots seem to have this catch-the-turbulence game going on. Like they are gonna brag about it. "Duuuude! All drinks were shaken!" "Duuuuude,oxygen masks fell and everything!" "I've lost 1000 feet altitude! People were shrieking!". So juvenile.

Anyway, that's in four days, and rest assured I'll be reporting posting about it blow by blow, minute by minute, in every single airport where WiFi is available. Damned, hope Panama already fixed their inconvenience, in that sense! But, that will be then, Today I'm still on the job, still on Monday, still not on vacances. Yep. The day, however is rather calm and festive. I baked some gingerbread cookies yesterday (to test the cookie cutters) and brought some to the office. They didn't last 30 minutes, which left me with the distinct feeling that the form isn't all that important, people care for the dough. Damned, people always care for the dough. My commented to me how much they loved my Halloween cookies and how the cookie cutters I used for those were so much prettier than these. Dude, I used a glass and cut every single Jack face by hand! We laughed on realization. I think that settled it for me: I'll have Halloween cookies for Christmas.

I received my first Christmas gift, from my friend Skylar, with whom we sat for a while gossiping about this and that. Also had a Facebook session with my friend Alix, with whom we discussed several utterly important matters that are nobody's business but ours. Then two of my friends in here, Smurf and MC called me over to have lunch at a restaurant nearby. Well, who am I to oppose, right? Grabbed my stuff and went with them, only to realize upon arrival, that this was a full-on Twitter-Lunch. Well, good they told me on advance. :-D The day has been chilling all day long, with clouds here and there, and winds that could and will blow you out of your socks if you don't watch it. Even the water arrangements before some buildings, like the CGR rippled and the waterjets were taken to their absolute minumum. Armed with our phones, Smurf and I went on taking pictures of the water and the effects. No selfrespecting twitter would pass on the chance to take a picture of a random thing and tweet it, so we did. The bragging rights, however, went to me, thanks to the fucking awesome resolution of my phone. Sony Ericsson. Gara love it, right?

Lunch was so freaking awesome I felt like a million bucks wrapped in a free bailout, wrapped in It's Good To Be Me. A bit of sun, festive environment, friends, food, good chatting, loads of free laughs... it was freaking paradise!! Hell, is fucking good to be in Costa Rica. I was in the middle of my working day, on a Monday nonetheless, in at lunch, and I felt like in vacations. Time was endless, friendship was eternal. Just check out this picture and tell me if it doesn't look like we are having one hell of a time together! And you should have seen the hamburgers we've got! They were so indecent, so shameless, so sultry, there must be a law against them somewhere. Mine was raw though, so raw it almost bit me down, but when have I been squimish about raw meat?

Back to the office, check on my JCPenny coat - which is out of customs and coming into me arms soon! Hope the tax for it isn't too high for my purse, though - tweet, blog, take pictures of a rainbow glowing over the city like a HUGE advertisement and that's it, I'm off to go home -  not without stopping by a particular store to order embroidered towels for my Mom, Dad and Grandpa. Christmas presents. I bet nobody has thought about them!

Today is Monday and it's a freaking-perfect day.

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Dragonfly said...

Menos mal que es la última semana... al fin voy a dejar de ver caras de grinches...

Espero que tus vacaciones sean asombrosas.

Que todo salga, mucho mejor de lo que esperas.