Dec 28, 2010

Vienna, 2010

Before you ask, yes I have made pictures, even a picture with a good friend and penpal of mine - we look so great! - but what I forgot to bring with myself is, well, the cabel to connect my phone and my netbook. This also means, sadly, that my phone is struggling with a very feeble battery life. Damned. And here I really thought I had packed everything I need. Oh well, at least I packed up the cords for the netbook, the converting cube (because I've an American plugging end on the cord and I need to fit it into an European plug), and the netbook and mouse. So I'm able to keep communicating with the rest of the planet.

A week of my holidays has gone by, and honestly I've done little, written even less, mainly concerned with the whole baggage thing. Normally I would have a plan - you know me - to which I would stick and still have loads of fun, but when you travel with family, well, their things can trample your plans.

Christmas came and was gone, and I successfully ditched the Hag and her Christmas-Thing. I wouldn't call it "lunch" when it lasts all day, right? My boyfriend couldn't ditch it, though. He came back at 19:30 h. Yep, my thoughts exactly: I wouldn't have come back from that Hag-marathon alive... or sane.

Yesterday, according to the plan (because we had reservations) we came to Vienna, the whole lot of us. We are set in my favorite hotel of town, with the adorable staff, always so helpful and ready. Hell, you just want to stay here forever! Not much could be done yesterday, after all, from an early waking to a 3 hour train trip with two children, a big family wants nothing but lay down a bit. I myself, went to meet my dear friend, with whom we had coffee at our favorite coffeeplace in town, and then went to this pub - Irish pub -  she knows, where after an awesome coffee with Bailey's I had a mug of lager. One freaking big mug of absolutely delicious lager. I walked out of there by half past ten... at night, all happy and woohoo.

My friend was surprised. She said she had never pictured me like a beer drinker. My humor is much drier in person - she said, and probably she's absolutely right, for in person I honestly hardly open up as much as in paper - but beer? Big mug of beer? Would have never imagined that.

Honestly, I really don't come over like a beer drinker?

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