Oct 24, 2009

Benchmarking Men

A job I( started doing at the company I'm working at, and I job I've become good at (pretty much) is benchmarking. I remember, when I started it was rather difficult, specially because my trusted coworkers of that time weren't willing to help me get the sources, though they have them. Little by little, though, I built up quite an amazing source base, and defined the parameters of my studies. Then, after three years of doing this my benchmarking projects stopped and I was left doing... well, you may have read a lot about it ^_^. In this new position I am in, the bechmarks came back, and though I still can tap my mobile sources, many of the current request leave me lost. Benchmarking for things that are not freely available on the net, that are not easily comparable, that can't so easily be processed to get a single figure kind of makes me rethink the entire process. Look around and then quite disappointedly realize that some of my coworkers have the data bases but refuse sharing them.

Yes, information IS power.

But today I do not wish to write about my job, but rather about how things spin off and something from job would be so good in another area of your life. This is today the case of the benchmarkings.

Recently a coworker of mine broke up (or more like "was broken up") by her long time lover. After more than ten years together and a daughter, the dude left her for a "newer model". Then again he is or was married to a woman older than my coworker, so the thought that pops in everybody's mind is "SUCKER!" when reading or hearing about the story. Why didn't she see that? Why did she take that motherf*** into her life? Well, that's a good question, but then again, what other stupid things do we do? Date a guy that turns out to be a lying s.o.b. that's out there to make us suffer, marry some guy who has already been married three times only to have him milk our hard earned money, beat us up and then somehow make it through a divorce, or fall into a guy who is just a player and would be lost by morning. Or even in other areas of our lives, and here I pull an example from my own life, get for thesis tutor a professor that has no sense of dedication and whose only interest in life is pulling some personal benefit from your job, while holding grudges and making everything in his power to get into the way of those who don't pay homage to him.

So with that "boss" that seemed to be such a nice person, such a good friend and turns out to be the biggest son of aa whore ever, turning the working environment into a hell of such magnitude not even Dean Winchester would have put up with. And so on and on and on on so many levels it makes you dizzy. And at the end of it, the claim "if I would have known in advance". My question now is, why don't we?

There's a site Don'tDateHimGirl, from which I heard from my friend Skylar. I've joined it but I still haven't got to its "real use".You see, back when I heard of it, it was about a chance to check on the guy you are dating, see what other people who have dated him before had to say. The idea seems good and radical, because after all, who takes the time to benchmark their dates? I dunno, but I, for once, have been thinking about meeting the exes of my boyfriend and hear what they have to say.

Sure, people act different depending on who are they with, but there's also the fact that an infatuated person would refuse to see the blatant flaws of his or her loved one. Then, regardless of who are you with, somethings don't change. Lack of attention, jealousy, insecurity, OCB... and wouldn't that be good to know in advance, so you can either drop the ball or prepare for it? Placing dates on a site, having an online data base of dates, and people in general, would be an awesome way to go by, but while we wait, we could make our own investigations, with "good, solid police work". Look for the acquintances of that person, ask around, get to know a bit of the background, prepare ourselves. But the truth is that we don't do it and will hardly do. We excuse ourselves saying that "when the heart chooses there's nothing else to do" and "I can't tell my heart not to love him", which is bullshit. A heartbreak can destroy love (in many cases), so why not to ease yourself out in a less painful way? Then, even when realizing of flaws, thinking "I can make him or her change" is a big, big load of balloney. You can't change a person, just as you can change yourself, your real self. So, why do we willingly run blindly into things, often pinning the blame of our rush, reckles behavior on "the heart" and "feelings" and other crap of the sort?

Furthermore, why do we make a study for something as intrascendental as a business, a service, a product, but refuse to make a benchmark, make a study for the things that really matter to us?

There's a question for you all.

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