Oct 1, 2009

Getting Tired

In the pictures of offices from designers, we often see wood, plastic, metal letters displayed here and there as decoration. Today I found a picture with letters like that and my first thought was: "why would anyone put that letter there? Do they forget how to write their names?" In here some people have custom made nametags or name plates in their desks, which is kind of fun when you consider that their name is on the door. Is it so that the person who looks for them can double check the employee in question?

Today I'm very, very tired. I'm breaking in my brand new black shoes, which I managed to find yesterday, not at a very good price, but hey, I needed the shoes. (Payless Shoe Source should be renamed Paymore, and for Hell's sake, make sure the discounts are well placed! And yes, I said I'd never go to a Payless, but when you've walked two cities for shoes, and you are not in the mood of big spending, whatever in the right style and within the acceptable price range will do.) At 16:30 I have a meeting in Heredia with a professor who could help us get to the island, save that my co-thesis-maker can't make it. Bummer. I'm kind of feeling the weight of the whole thing more and more and more on my shoulders.

The plan was going to work out flawlessly, since today we have a meeting at 13:30 and those meetings usually end earlier, so I could make it in time for the appointment. Yes, only they cancelled that meeting! Cool. After I stood up late yesterday finishing a benchmarking, which, BTW, it seems I'm the only one taking seriously. I mean, why am I the only person able to find at least 5 mobile internet plans per country while others get one or two and then say that there was nothing in the other countries. Dude, that's bull.

So, I work my ass out, I stay here and juggle several things and now not only the meeting is cancelled, but we get more work! What kind? Dunno, so far is "surprise tasks". Well, I'll have to run some errands later, so I hope they won't mind and they won't miss me.Sorkizárás

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Dragonfly said...

A verrr... saqué cuentas y creo que debo tener por lo menos unos 20 pares y lo peor de todo es que son al menos tres pares café y cinco pares negros... más unos tres pares de tenis y como 6 de sandalias...

besos ;)