Oct 31, 2009


Happy Halloween to all! ^_^What can I say? This is ma favorite "holiday" even if it isn't celebrated here, nor I've ever been in a place where it were celebrated. I wanted to organized a common lunch with my coworkers yesterday to sort of celebrate it, or take it as an excuse for all of us to be mates, not only coworkers and feel good. The group wasn't game for it. Oh well, the spirits aren't the same for a while now.

My spirit didn't broke though, and since my coworkers wouldn't play nice and wouldn't participate in any friendly, bonding activity, I was left to my own devices. My own devices took me today to take a fun and resting day all for myself today... after the bank-tour.

My day started at 6:47 am when my boyfriend woke me up. Quick shower and my favorite cotton clothes: black gym pants, wide legs, black 3/4 sleeve shirt and grey dress wur no sleeves and a hoodie. What can I say? I love that outfit. Then I spoke to Kari over the Skype for less than an hour, and finally left on my bank tour. I was thinking about visiting Cynthia to give her a chance to talk about her boyfriend so she could get over him, but that plan went down the sewer as both Cyn and Rosario had plans. Hell, having kids, or kids&hubbie is a ticket for a boring, depressive, unsatisfying, grey, dull life. Hn, I should talk to Kari and tell him that marriage ain't a good idea. Waaaah~ they simply seem so... down.

Anyway, I ran my errands and then went to Paseo Las Flores. Damned if that commercial center looks bad. The movie section is going through remodelation, so it seemed the first part of my plans were doomed. I did want to go to the movies and watch "Gestación", a Costa Rican movie. So I went here and there, bought some colored tissue paper at the Home Depot to stack up my gift wrapping pool. I was going to buy an acrilic picture frame, but none of the ones I found there was right. I did pick up one, but when I was about to pay for it, I saw that it was chipped, so I gave it back.

I actually was looking for a pencase, a really small one that could hold a pen or two, for those times when I have to pack light my purse, but I don't want my pen rolling around the Universe inside there. Found none. At the end, since I had gone to a groceries store and bought there a tube of gumballs (because it had a Halloween Pumpkin on it, and I was desperately looking for a Halloween Pumpkin), I decided I'll reuse that one for light pencase. Then again... maybe not. Well, maybe I'll just crochet one for myself. Maybe use the uncapped plastic tube.

After the shopping and walking around, I've got hungry, so I went to score some food. I was thinking on something like a Subway soup or something, but the Food Court was packed to capacity, so no. Specially since I wanted to sit quietly and write in my journal. I ended up in Ichiban, where I tried a Soto Roll, which isn't so good, and an Orange Kiss, the first sweet sushi I've ever tasted.

The dessert looks lovely, but the rice paper that wraps the peach sushi sticks to the place to the point where you have to wrestle it off the place. Once you place it in your mouth, it seems to expland and holds up so well it makes it hard to chew and not choke on the piece. I took my sweet time, lagged with my Soto Roll and my Orange Kiss, a coke and then Club Soda. It felt good to have time to write in my journal, I had almost forgot the feeling of getting lost in pen and paper, scribbling words that won't be revealed to anyone else. It's amazing. It's the communion with oneself. A deep experience.

After that I went back to the movies just to make sure it was really closed, which would make it weird why were all the people at the mall. Well, it was working. Dirty, ugly, crammed but working, and they were showing the movie I wanted to see. So I got my ticket and then went to spend 1 hour 20 minutes while it started. I ended up in Librería Internacional, always a great place to be, and browsed around, mainly looking for a CD of Peregrino Gris. I've got the CD, and then bought also a book, "The Eye on Jade" by Diane Wei Liang, translated in Spanish. I know, I usually read only in English, French or Hungarian, but this time I wanted something to pass time, maybe some Vonnegut (which wasn't on supply), but I was looking mainly for a quick read, something to occupy myself while the movie started. The book seems good.

The movie was lovely. Simple, using commonplaces, and yet very enjoyable. Many people has critizice it for touching an overly worked topic: the teenager pregnancy, but I found the topic quite up to date. There were a few fairy-tale elements, but all in all the movie worked out magnificently. It was upsetting that some people were loud and constantly talked at the movie, but all in all it was a good experience.

This is what I needed. My head hurts a bit, my eyes, but I feel good. I look forward for the rest of the weekend, and getting my batteries recharged. ^_^

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