Oct 4, 2009


It have been a few days now, but I've been thinking about getting myself a penpal (or two) to revive that ancient, old emotion of writing letters by hand, sending them and waiting for long weeks, sometimes months for an answer. If you have written letters before, you know the feeling I'm talking to you about: the best feeling in the world!

For years I have had penpals here and there, sometimes in the same country I live, but often from across the world, and usually people I previously know. Penpals from Hungary when I'm in Costa Rica, and penpals from Costa Rica when I'm in Hungary. All of them my best friends and close to my heart. We shared our thoughts in the paper, told each other about our lives, what we were doing, and, of course, we gossiped so much! Writting letters gave us each the chance to write down with delicious detail all the things that can't really be told in person. You know those things. In person we ask each other questions or interrupt with an "Oh, I know about that!", which isn't bad, it's actually good to be understood so well by a good friend, bit in a letter, that understanding can come with more detail, with no interruptions, with pause, with calm.

The comming and populizing of the Internet kind of killed that. People wouldn't write letters and wait if they could type them down, send them and have them answered in minutes. However things were lost. Who starts its e-mails with a formal "Dear Katie," or ends them with a "Love,"? The lenght of the message became shorter and the coherence, endurance of the thought lesser. A long e-mail can take up to three pages and that's exhausting, while letters, back in the day, my days, took 26 pages on both sides, and when you finished you actually hoped to have more.

My boyfriend isn't really into penpaling, which is sad for me. He does try, only to please me, but he's not really up to sit down and write for hours and then wait for an answer. I still have my friend Jules, though it have been ages since we last wrote to each other. I was thinking though, of another friend, a new friend... ^_^ but that's a surprise!

Today I've got followed on Twitter by a nice young woman, a Mommy, who likes to penpal and designs stationary. I immediatelly followed her up and started chatting with her. She directed me to her blog (because of course she has a blog, which is so awesome!), and then gace me an address to check out for penpals. ^_^ Soon I'll be back on the ropes! Yay! Snail mail rules!


wevegotpaper said...

I'm so glad that I somehow inspired you to get back into penpalling! :)

Julie xox

Dragonfly said...

La verdad es que me encanta escribir cartas, ir al correo y enviarlas, con todo mi cariño y mis buenos deseos, sin embargo, tengo la "mala suerte" que de las cartas que escribo, creo que solo dos de las 20 personas tendrán la delicadeza o el detalle de responderme, claro que eso ya es lindo para mi, pero bueno, cada cabeza es un mundo.

Tengo tus postales de Gudalajara, pero allá no me dio tiempo de enviarlas... creo que en cualquier momento te llegan noticias :D


Storm Bunny said...

To wevegotpaper: You did gave me the final push, and also allowed me the tools to find new penpals. Thank You!!!

Para Dragonfly: ^_^ Pues espera un par de días, a lo mejor y recibes una cartita por ahí! ^_^

wevegotpaper said...

You're very welcome, I'm glad I could help! xox