Oct 2, 2009

Small Reviews

As you remember, if you do, I started a few weeks ago (six to be exact) a program to learn German by myself. The first weeks were quite "easy" in the sense that I had no trouble keeping up the pace and following a routine I planned out for myself: Monday to Thursday I checked each of the four lessons included for the week, one each day taking them in the morning, before my work schedule started, and then checking them again at home before going to bed. On Fridays I did the review lesson, and then everyday I tried to remember the more words and phrases I could by looking at things around me and imagining how should I call them or ask for them or comment on them in German. It is quite rewarding to be able to remember the words while you are walking to the office, or traveling on a bus.

When my boyfriend came to visit my system suffered a small disrupt, but I still did my best to keep the studying within each week. It's already a week since he has been gone and today I ran through two lessons, leaving the review for tomorrow. Today were the last lessons of week six, from a twelve week program. Though I still have six weeks to go, the first CD was over (which I downloaded to the laptop, of course). At the end of the last lesson (review lessons have no recording), the "voices" said (the guy and the girl who present the lessons) that it was a good time to make a review of the previous six lessons before I started with the next six. Well, as a matter of fact, I did make a review of everything some days ago, to get again the hang of it, and sometimes I do check back to refresh things. However this time it got to me differently. I started wondering about reviewing, and I thought about reviewing the last things that happened to me, or maybe just this week.

So, things that make me a bit sad were not so many. My boyfriend went home on Sunday and it was bad to go home and not see him, not be able to hold him in bed, lean against him, smile at him and hold his hand.

Things that made me mad, well, some of my coworkers that act childish and tremendously stupid. I'd say that you can't blame people for being stupid because they are stupid, but this one is annoying, stupid and seems to get a kick out of blaming others for her own faults. But then again "oh well", lets try and make as little contact with The Annoying as possible and live happily ever after as I've been doing it so far.

It makes me mad that my thesis partner is withdrawing so much. It upset me to find out that after so much time making me wait for her part of the job, she ended sending me the SAME THING I sent her. No added up stuff. She's good, so why is she doing this? Must I sit down with her and do it? Hell, it feels like dealing with a toddler.

Things that worry me, adding up all the bills I have to charge to my boyfriend. I kind of think it will be a considerable amount of money and though he will pay me very, very fast, and by putting the money in my Hungarian accounts, It upsets me a little to have added up that amount of debts to my credit cards. The positive thing about this is that this feeling makes me wary of Credit Cards, so I use them less and get more cautious with money. ^_^ That's never bad. Frugality is a virtue I must learn to embrace, like I did before.

Then I had this meeting with this professor, and she made some remarks about our thesis that worried me. Basic things that made me realized that, yes, our tutor were driving us off the path regarding our thesis topic, and then, the methodology isn't half as good as he told us, but he NEVER told us what to improve. Now I have a better, more clearer idea about were to head to. It worries me, but we are still in time, we can fix it.

Things that made me happy were being able to download by myself a SPN episode, though the episode itself sucked HUGE TIME. It made me happy to be able to stay a bit more at the office, like right not, tobe able to improve my times, since we are being stupidly measured by them. It made me happy to finish an I.M. benchmarking in time, and process the data beautifully. It made me happyto have pörkölt nokedlivel for lunch, and then one day eating at this lovely Italian food restaurant, and have delicious gnocchis! Made me happy to have Coca-Cola at the office, spend less on food, bring more home cooked meals.

Today it made me happy to talk with one of our cleaning ladies, who told me about some people I should be careful with. I suspected one of them, but now I know he's a man with a mean heart who tries to be so good and so ready to do anything for us, but at the same time threatens and mistreats the cleaning personal and believes to have authority over them. It's best to know this kind before hand.

Today I'm happy because tomorrow I don't have to work, and though I'll wake up early to talk to my boyfriend and will have to go to the bank to pay Credit Cards, I can rest and simply be happy.


Dragonfly said...

Bueno querida Zsu, muchas cosas en realidad... no sabía que andabas estudiando Alemán....

Me encanta saber que estás feliz, que eres feliz.

Las deudas de la tarjeta, pues ni me digas, de momento salgo con las que tengo, pero cada vez está mas dura la cosa.


Storm Bunny said...

Bueno, he querido aprender alemán hace tiempo pero me ha faltado un buen método.

Por lo de las tarjetas... de verdad que son un mal necesario, pero un mal al fin y al cabo.