Oct 28, 2009

Newspaper Oddities or News, B Side

A bloggerine friend of mine, Luna de Abril, wrote today a post about "B Side Music", which was pretty much about that "other side" of you, and specifically the "other side music", which is that music you can't resist even though is not part of your Top 40, iTunes Hits or All Time Hyper-Favorites. She asked her readers what was their "B Side Music", and there she caught me on the headlights like a cat. O_O Dude, I listen to a whole arrange of "B Side Music"! Many times don't even know the name of the singer or the title of the song, but I simply like it. So I was in trouble. I'm not a "rocker" or a declared "hip-hop" chick or anything of the sort, so I don't really feel I've "that odd and secret kind of music I rather not talk about". Actually, as a matter of fact, the question "What's your favorite kind of music?" is the one I dislike the most because I don't really-really have that kind of definition. I mean, I know I basically dislike the 80's fashionwise and musicwise, but other than that... I dig a lot of things.

However the "B Side" matter stuck with me until perhaps an hour ago I found my "B Side". I've "B Side News". You know, those news and those articles you usually are not looking for, because you look for other stuff, but if they cross before your eyes you HAVE to read it. In my "A Side News" I pretty much go for the usual: Telecommunications, Economics, Global Politics, Political Scandals (these are my Gossip-feed!), National Politics, stuff related to the Attorney General, the Fed, Major Banks, Fraud, and NO MIDDLE EAST. The name of any Middle East location is enough to make me leave a topic. Africa in general pulls me, particularly political and social issues, but the whole Israelies and Arabs and their stuff gets me S-I-C-K. This is my "mainstream". There were the "Infiltrated" ones, which I never really considered, because often we think we "don't read them that much", but it happens that my "B Side News" are... quite strong in my reading. I can't say no to crime news. Murdered children, passional crimes, serial killers, corpses found, runaway kids, people abused by others, human trafficking.

Perhaps it's not so shocking, giving the fact that I watch loads of crime shows (all CSI's available, NCIS, all Law&Order available, The Mentalist, Criminal Minds, Cold Case... you name it), but it did surprise me, since there's a "thing" about reading this stuff. You shouldn't be avid to read it... or is it just my imagination?

Well, death does pull a lot of interest.


Dragonfly said...

I have a lot of "B music", "B tv shows", "B food", "B places to go", "B people to talk with".... I have a "B" life...


Storm Bunny said...

Well, technically all cybernautes have a "B Side Life", some even "Single" lives, aside from their main "Long Play" lives.