Oct 18, 2009

Reality TV Craze

It's much like a nightmare, as you read somehow about "the boy in the balloon" story, covered up by the Twitter and the media, to then discover that it was all a scam planned by the family to get on a Reality Show, to get their own reality show. This definitivelly makes you thing about the way things were and what they've become. Truth is that if you look at it from far (and Hell, even close up) you can't but watch horrified at what it has become.

A while back "reality" was where you lived your life. You know, there were kids went to play, with other kids, games such as "seek and hide", "war", "gotcha", "thiefs and cops" or simply playing ball, biking around, racing on rollers, and all those games kids now know only on the 2.0 version or on Wii. Reality was where you lived your days, interrupted maybe by a book you were reading or a TV show you were watching. TV then hardly showed "real people", unless they weren't in some sort of contest game.

Then MTV presented up with "The Real World" and its subsequent versions. It wasn't "real reality" either, and the rumor was out there that the participants were given a script. At first it was some avant garde thing, a thing for the youth looking for something new. But then the TV wouldn't step out of it and several "reality" shaped shows started raining on us. There's less and less need of shows made with actors, as more and more time is eaten up by reality contests and sneak peeks into the lives of different "celebrities". The picture of reality they present, though is something so far away from real life, either peppered up with too much drama and tension, fights spurring up and down, rivalries and so on, or with tense peace and friendship, where the fake happiness slaps everybody on the face.

Sadly, as there are stupid people, people who would do just about anything for attention, stupid families also exist, and so, also attention whore families. For some reason, people craves for "fame", for being chased by photographers, as if that would automatically dump money and happiness (or just money, since the overwhelming majority of stupid people and attention whores seem to believe that money IS happiness) on their laps. But then, whatever reason they could pin on desiring so badly to be part of this new phenomenon, they use it as shield and religion to get there.

On one hand people "live" there, forgetting their own reality, and then they want to be there, be the "reality". Does it worth it to risk just about everything for it? Endanger members of the family, endanger loved ones, make them uncomfortable, commit a crime and maybe even get hurt or die? For some maybe it does. Maybe they don't know what's like to get hurt, living in such a sendentarian world where things happen on TV. Do they remember what was like to scrap a knee or an elbow, getting maybe a very bad wound, and then watch it for days as the shine goes away, the tender flesh changes color, becomes covered with a film of skin that doesn's ache with the air and the dust, and then a brown crust cakes on it, turning into a scab, waiting then for it to fall off, peeling it at times and discovering tender pinkish flesh beneath.

That's reality. Privacy, being unknown, growing up in your environment.

This story about the balloon boy made me get a hard, horrible glimpse of what other evils, annoying insanities come over people. There was a time when happiness was really the thing that was important. Family, the means to support it, a house, a dog, a white picked fence, going out for dinner, laugh, walk holding hands with your life mate, see the children grow and so on. This was happiness and this was reality. This was, but it seems today's world doesn't think that anymore.


Dragonfly said...

Hay un par de reallities que si me gustan, pero nada más y me gustan porque me hacen pensar en más allá y como la gente le hace para vivir, por ejemplo manteniendo 17 hijos o tener sixtillisos.

Saludos :D

Abril said...

El gran reality show de la vida... no soy como muy seguidora de ellos... pero si entiendo porque les gustan tanto... me pone a pensar lo que la gente le gusta hacer y lo que desea...