May 10, 2012

Did It Again

Guess who ordered a brand new batch of books, without having even begin reading the last two ordered batches. Yes, that would be me. Perhaps it's due to having not bought books in... um... Well, in a lot of time - meaning here not the random book purchase at a museum. It could also be that I'm feeling particularly happy because something that seemed to have no chance to happen, has happened. It could also be due to the MEME I'm completing about books, or the rambling post I posted yesterday, or my friend Patricia's letterk, who recommended be a book - well, a writer, Joanne Harris - and so I decided, what the heck, I've a 15% automatic discount, why not spend it on a highly recommended writer?

So I went online - because if I order online, my normal 10% discount gets added a 5% more - and took everything I had stored in my saved baskets (on this particular bookstore) and ordered it. This store, which is located in Hungary, normally takes up to 3 to 5 business days to deliever you the books. It's quite "primitive" because if you ask the books to be delievered to your place, you have to pay the amount in cash (no, you don't get to pay online, only after receiving the books), but if you order them to a close by bookstore of the chain, then you can pay them with card. Thus I always order the books to a bookstore that's close to our place. I don't go there much to buy directly as there's no reason for me to do so. I browse maybe, then go online, and order the books with a 5% discount added to my regular discount. However, this time, to my surprise, a couple of hours after I posted my order - maybe even less! - I received an e-mail telling me that my order was ready for pick up!

Wow! It's like the stars align and the Universe reminds me that yes, God treats me well, and goes out of His way to make my day a happier day. ^_^ I was ten under dog on Monday, was slowly climbing out of that state and then came Today, all full of bright and shine, like an angel with a star on the forhead. It's the answer for the right prayer. Yes, do make plans, to dream and fight for your dreams, do something, not just sit there telling them to the wind and expecting them to come to life by themselves, but also remember that we are all subject to a far greater, fair power that Knows Better.

Weight keeps going up, or clinging around number that "shouldn't be happening", and I wake up every day now and pull on my jogging gear and go out, run down our street, turn the corner, and turn again before the McDonald's I haven't visited in a while. Inhaling deeply the soothing, calm scent of a discreet Danube, I run towards it, past apartment houses, the old commercial center that houses the bookstore that receives my books, and the closest supermarket where I can find Special K. I jog now, down the underpass, and walk between Roman ruins well kept, and a bit of modern art, doves and the soft cooing of little birds demaning for their parents to feed them. The trees that have been covered with flowers now hold huge crowns of leaves, dense like the mane of lions. I keep jogging, past more ruins, ancient medieval buildings, Catholic churches, towards the bridge, a bridge that often reminds me of my brother, and I walk toward the island of my dreams, the beautiful Margit Island, where I'll take a lap, and hope to keep the rhythm, while knowing I'll be most likely daydreaming as always, among the gentle trees, the curious squarrels, the odd duck, the runners and the beauty of the Danube.

And there, at the other end of the bridge is that tower that holds a little flame of hope for me. I wonder, if that will become part of my days. I wonder. And as I make a lap around the island, I turn back home, turn my back toward the tower with the flame, but my mind is still there, and smoothly switches to candy, cakes, pop corn and other niceties. ^_^

There are things we can't control, things we can't affect, and those are better in the hands of He who can, God. But remember that all the others are your share of the pack, so pick up your chores and do them as diligently as you wish the other ones are taken care of!

Now, as for the books I ordered, there's a new Skandinavian crime novel, there's the Woman in Black, because the story interests me more than the actor, another book on Empress Sissi, though this one is about her sister Sophie, a book about the secrets that go around in the Luxury hotels of Hungary (like what happened in that certain luxury hotel with DSK weren't savvy enough), one about the defunct Hungarian Airline, Malév (we were so "lucky" that by the time we flew to Hungary, it ceased to exist - days before - so that our flight had to be changed. Good thing I arranged the whole thing through Air France!), and then the book "Holy Fools" by Joanne Harris (or something like that), in Hungarian. Patricia recommended me Chocolat, but I have my reserves with that. I don't know why, but I simply can't bring myself yet to read it, so I'm approaching the author through sideroads. :-)

At the bookstore two more books caught my eye: one of Art Nouveau, and one that displays pictures of 1000 pieces of jewelry, mainly made our of beads. It made me remember my friend Dragonfly, and wanted to get it to her... if the Costa Rican post office were actually reliable, which it's not.

Is it only me, or books have a soothing quality? I just feel so good surrounded by books!

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Sartassa said...

I envy you. Not because your book order arrived so fast (though that can be a subject of envy too) but because of this amazing jogging route you've got. When I run (and that's hardly 2-3 times a week) we just follow the new sideways along the streets that were supposed to lead through a newly planned district of our town. However, the plans got cancelled, and now you got pretty broad streets with beautiful smelling bushes besides, but nothing else. Just woods. It's beautiful, but it gets boring after a while. I'd love to explore an old town center again.
I haven't read holy fools yet (chocolat, girl with no shadow, blackberry wine and now coastliners) but I hope to do so soon. I hope you like her style of writing. As for the books I read so far, she cares a lot for food and wine and france :D