May 7, 2012

Ginger Honey Martini for the Soul

Ouch! Another blow for confidence! Well, not for confidence, but for the chances of this enterprise. Man, I really didn't see this one coming. :-( I'm kinda sad now, though once I get out of the shock effect, I'll be really sad and depressed and make just go deeper into the realization that my place isn't here... at least not now. Not that I didn't learned, hell, I did! but there were things I trully didn't see coming. I'm still gobsmacked.

There was a test, and I went to do it, and when I faced it I stood there thinking "what the hell?? How am I supposed to do that?". Later on it made me realize that these tests are aimed to be replied by people with very particular knowledge of the industry, so it also made me wonder what sort of research should have I done to pass the test. No, the results haven't been given yet, but it's like you know when you didn't do it as well as it should have been done. Oh well, it's now up to the Good Lord to decide. At least I've got a "teaser" of the matter.

Anyway, after the test I was feeling again ten degrees under dog - funny that the temperature dropped again and it's been raining all day long - I decided to cheer myself up with a movie. The selection wasn't the best, but there was nothing in the movies that I wanted to see. So I've got the ticket to Mirror, Mirror  - Julia Roberts was superb, as always, but I'm not so sure about Sean Bean - and while the movie started I went for a cocktail - I was in need of alcohol, as expected after the blow and the shock - and something light to eat. Would have loved some good sushi or some gyozas, but the place I went to - my favorite - was somewhat displeasing me in the selection of sushi... and there were no gyozas. I don't get that, they have them in another of the restaurants of the chain, but not in this, and the sushi selection is terribly poor as well.

I had the usual eggplant cream with toasted pita slices, and tried out a new cocktail, Ginger Honey Martini. It looked better in the picture, I must say. The drink was rather pale compared to the picture, and sharp due to the ginger. It contains Finlandia, ginger, honey, lime and pineapple juice. The ice was too thik, so drinking the cocktail from the straw provided was a feat. Drinking it from the glass wasn't funny, because it got crunchy. Too much ice, in my opinion. I should have taken the Zombie.

While waiting, I took out my Kindle and immersed myself in reading some more of "Gone With The Wind". Falling again into the life of Scarlett O'Hara truly erases all issues! I couldn't remember how many degrees under or above was I from dog, I just smiled, enjoyed and minded nothing. Books have that magic, that capability, of taking your mind away from the issues that bother you and make you escape somewhere else, where these things can be put on hold for a moment, while your soul and mind resettles.

It will be the Lord's Will, and that will be the best, and blow or not, failure or success, the wheel is in motion and nothing will deter it from it's God designed Path.


Patricia Mühlbacher said...

I send you a big hug and a decent cocktail ... mentally

Dragonfly said...

Amiga, en este momento todo se ve cuesta arriba, pero sé que Dios te ayudará, porque el conoce tus necesidades y tus sentimientos y te ayudará a alcanzar aquello que tu corazón desea.

Te envié un paquete, has tenido alguna noticia?

Storm Bunny said...

To Patricia: Thank you! I take both!

Para Dragonfly: Mi chiquita, usted sabe cómo es esto, pero diay, parece que seguimos en una lluvia de sorpresas. Sea como sea, que sea la voluntad del Altísimo y a Su Mano nos acogemos.