May 14, 2012

Unexpected Letters

This will once again be a very quick and short post. I'm actually doing something I like a lot: reviewing a budget report. Don't look at me like that, I'm an economist, so it comes as second nature to love checking out numbers and trying to make sense of it. Tomorrow is our building's Tenants' Comitee Annual Meeting, where we are supposed to vote for the new directive board, review the budget balance of 2011 and approve the budget for 2012. I'm not an owner, but I'm still attending. :-) My boyfriend is the one with the vote, but we are in this together, and given my numeric expertise, I'm the think tank of our little team. Needless to say that I'm preparing wholeheartedly and happily to the meeting!

I've also been studying for any potential questions relating to the second round of these passing tests I've been lucky enough to be summoned up for. For this I've been reviewing all sorts of commercial contracts, and reading political and economical magazines, to get some actuality knowledge of Hungary, and get better acquinted with the regular conditions of the market. The second round is due on Wednesday, so let's hope everything goes well, and I get to take part on the third round. After that, it will be God's Will if I pass the tests and get the highest mark! If not, well, I still got the markers for the next time I take the rounds.

Among other excitements, today I've got notice from the Postal Service that I've received a recommended letter, which I had to go pick up at the Postal Office close to where we live. Since all I've been doing all day was studying, a break was welcomed, so I studied some more until the time arrived for me to go pick up the letter (I was out when the postman came, so if I picked up the letter today - which I did - I couldn't just go and pick it up, but had to wait until the postman returned to the Post Office, and that was at 18h). The letter was from my dear friend Dragonfly-cr, who had come back from a trip to the West Coast - specifically California - and sent me a beautiful gift. There was a wonderful key shaped keychain - and I LOVE key shaped keychains!!! - which I put in use right away, as you can see. (It's funny actually that here in Europe the old key shaped keys are still in use, so this lovely keychain key bears some resemblance with some of my actual keys!) My Nici leopard has been sent to rest for a while. :-)

Truth to be told, I was actually looking for a keychain for my keys, other than my stuffy turquoise spotted leopard, but couldn't find anything. Was missing my niqueled palmtree keychain I've got from my friend Roo or Lau - or both - etched with "California" in green. A simple keychain, but I loved it to bits and pieces. I would have brought it back with me if I wouldn't have mislayed it Costa Rica. Thanks heavens, my Mom found it when I was already here. Now, when I opened the envelope and the key keychain rolled out, with "Beverly Hills" etched in green, I was screaming in delight! My neighbours will probably have something to say about it on tomorrow's meeting, but still... I have a PERFECT keychain!!

The perfect keychain was accompanied by a bunny rattle - made in Japan. Oh man! A Bunny!!! A Bunny!!! I'm BONKERS for bunnies!!! ^_^ And the string is GREEN!! This one, however, got carefully hung from my corkboard. I won't have that one getting lost. Then there was a Kimmidoll pen! Kimmidoll as in the Kokeshi dolls. DREAM-COME-TRUE. How beautiful!!! And a PEN! A writing tool! It's like all my wishlists are being checked out and completed! Bunnies, green, writing tools, kokeshi dolls, key keychain...

But that was not all. Oh no, that was not! The best of all was a POSTCARD written by my friend telling me about her trip! A message! ^_^

I'm out of words to describe the absolute bliss and pleasure I've received from this letter. ^_^ Now, misunderstand me not, I love the letters I get and I enjoy terribly the letters from my penpals, and to each penpal there's a certain feeling attached. And yes, I admit I have my favorites (and you KNOW who you are). I've penpals that send me screaming and running around with my arms up in the air each time I receive mail from them. The continuation of the story, the extra bits about the work-related stuff, the latest developments in "those matters", the most recent review on a trip, the reply to our personal philosophy exchange, a book recommendation that makes your mind fly... And then there are the absolutely unexpected letters. The letters from people you didn't really expect to receive because either the Postal Service to-and-from those countries is beyong crappy, or the unexpected letter that shows just how well they know you.

Hope my reply can arrive in good health to her hands. :-)


Dragonfly said...

Hey! que bien, pensé que nunca llegaría....

Que bueno que te gustó todo.

Te quiero amiga =)

Storm Bunny said...

Ay sí!!! Todo DEMASIADO bello! Y llegó muy bien, gracias a Dios. Óyeme, y por allá no te ha llegado nada todavía?