May 21, 2012

Monday Lists

It's Monday again, and I'm not regreting it! That's one of the good things of not working: not minding the Mondays but LOVING them! The series I like are back on the TV, and we are not subjected to the otherwise boring weekend programming. Yes, weekdays are more "crime" and less "family", and who would rather watch a washed off re-run of Family Ties rather than another episode of CSI (or a re-run of Murder, She Wrote)? Stores open at regular schedules, and life gets to normal. I try to get back to my rutine, waking up to go jogging, and thinking about the future, a future that's about to change any day now. It's curious feeling to know that any day now the reply that will define your days for the next few years is about to come.

In the meantime, I'm soaking in with the begining of the Summer - not that I like it, but I can't stop it, so I better do my best to enjoy it. Thus while some major things about my future get sorted out, I've a couple of things to do to get myself occupied. Here's my To-Do List for the next weeks:

1. Get myself more black clothes that fit the Summer weather.
2. Get at least a pair of black jeans (all of them are in Costa Rica now)
3. Make myself some black jewelry
4. Try out some of the jewelry techniques I've seen on the net (bead ball medals and bead tubes)
5. Try and practice some Celtic knotting for jewelry making.
6. Explore my district.
7. Go check out what's there to see at the District's Main Square.
8. Go check the Aqvincum museum.
9. Check at least a museum per week.
10. Watch at least two movies per week.
11. Drink at least one cocktail a week.
12. Plan a trip to one of the following destinations: Praha, Germany (Giesen, Ratisbona, Munchen, Berlin...), Italy (Venice, Florence, Tuscany...), Kiev, Switzerland (Zürich, Geneva), Belgium (Meise, Bruxelles).
13. Get started with a new story.

There are many other projects written up in my book, many other tasks in my list, and many things to be thinking about, but so far I'll go first with this 13, and hope to have them done before June. After that may come another list.


Sartassa said...

what's about the black colour? did I miss something?

Dragonfly said...

Una buena lista de cosas por hacer... yo tengo en este momento una así de larga para las cosas de la oficina.

Viste que nombraron a Ivan Flores en Mayorista?

Storm Bunny said...

To Sartassa: It's a custom I have since... 1999, I think. It's in memory of someone.

To Dragonfly: WHAT??? Y qué pasó entonces con Marvin Rojas? Quién tiene Banda Ancha ahora? Hay un montón de gente que de donde nosotros escaparon a Mayoristas, ahora fijo van a ver cómo hacen para devolverse.

Empiezo a agarrarle más gusto a las listas. Hace tiempo que las llevo, pero no las uso con tanta frecuencia, sin embargo puede ser que cambie eso pronto. :-)