May 2, 2012

Little Big Efforts

Continuing on the topic of fertility and labor, it's interesting to think that fertility isn't something we can do by ourselves. To procreate a child you need two people - one of each gender - and often other many sorts of conditions, like the right mood, the right environment, income security, stable relationship... For any sort of work you need at least someone who hires you (your employer or the client who buys from you) and maybe also someone to hire. Even for the most simple of fertile activities, such as sowing, you need the land, the seeds, the Sun, the water... Be it other people or the colaboration of other elements, fertility and labor are things you can't do on your own. (I'm thinking about creating stories in your head as something you could "do on your own", but I'm not sure about that, so I'm leaving that in the limbo.) In this sense, it happens that often we think that the part we give to a job or to the big scope of the economy or the country itself is very, very little, and it goes unnoticed. You may think that the GDP measure has nothing to do with you, that the part that you produce is so small, it wouldn't go missing if you would stop doing it.

It's similar the case with voting, for instance. In the big scope of a general election for the presidential campaing, you may wonder what does it matter if you vote or not? What weight does your one vote has, and who would ever miss it?

The beauty of labor and fertility, is that even the smallest part matters, that it doesn't matter like it has so much weight, the smallest part is the crucial one. A person forms thanks to the efforts of one single sperm from millions and millions that could rush swimming up to the womb looking for the Promise Egg, and each plant in a plantation also comes from a tiny seed that made it. You may see yourself small and insignificant in the big scheme of things, but there would be no big head up there if it weren't for all the laborious, little ants like you keeping the world running.

For all those efforts that might seem small to the world, that are big for us, there are loud echoes in the future, out into the Universe. For all of those, we deserve to remember, to celebrate, that though we are small, and though we can't do it without the colaboration of others, we are also a vital part of the big scheme, and as so, we must keep that thought in mind, smile and celebrate, be happy and passionate. In this spirit, I took a small stick - small like me - and tied on it three ribbons in the colors of the Costa Rican flag: blue for hope and dreams to fly high in the sky, white for the purity of the heart, the peace and calmness of Mother Earth, and red for the passion, the effort, the flame and the will of the Lord. Nobody can see it, probable, as it is perched in a small pot with a cactus, from a window on a high floor, but it's there, close to the sky where the dreams are, there to remind me every morning of the promise of May, and before God.

Your efforts might seem so small for the world, but in the eyes of God they sure are big because He knows what's behind them.

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