May 5, 2012

Time Goes By...

My brother will return to Costa Rica tomorrow. It's kinda sad because I like having him around, but that's the way it is. He spent two weeks in there and yet it feels it has been only a few days, and we still feel like there was so much more we would have loved to share with him, and more places to take him. At the same time, during these days our lives stopped - at least mine did - and now that he's going back, my days flow back rushing into their old tempo. I hope to start jogging again, keeping the home budget in close count and going on with the program. I've a test on Monday and need to prepare with some material. Then there's a cat to take care of, who currently likes to do the most strangest things in the world.

There are books to read, both in the Kindle and in paper, many stories that I'm interested in, and then books to write as well. There are plans to be designed and things to be put in motion. There's time, and it's time to fall in step with it.


Patricia Mühlbacher said...

Good Luck and don't forget to rest now and then!
There's no more than I can say

(I took up jogging too, it's amazingly refreshing in the morning)

Dragonfly said...

Querida amiga, tenía días de no pasar por acá, porque de nuevo andaba de pata de calle, viajando por allí.

Que lástima que tengas ya que despedirte de tu hermano, pero el tiempo pasa pronto y ya se volverán a ver.

Un abrazo grande =)

Storm Bunny said...

To Dragonfly: Pues a como pintan las cosas, puede ser que lo vuelva a ver antes de lo que pensaríamos. Triste pero feliz a la vez. Ya ves cómo es la vida. Diay, es cosa de seguir adelante, sin dejar los sueños botados, pero con los pies firmes en la tierra.

Tranquila por lo del time-off, igual todavía mantengo el ritmo actualizando los posts para que siempre tengas algo fresco qué leer, para cuando gustes pasar por acá. :-)

Storm Bunny said...

To Patricia: Thank you! ^_^ Well, I've got some material to prepare somewhat, though allegedly you don't need to prepare in advace for it. If they speed up in the process, I might land this chance in time! That would be a blessing! But if that's not in store for me (yet), then I'd like to at least see you once, since we will be in the same continent for a little longer. :-) Could we speak about some... Litha? No ceremonial thing, if you don't want to, just a good excuse to get together and do silly. :D

Patricia Mühlbacher said...

That would be awesome! Though June looks bad for me, we got almost every weekend planned already (a hen party, a wedding ect..) and we're also planning to spend some days in Italy in July. I will be able to tell you the details in a few weeks though :D