May 8, 2012

Do We Apply The Law To All?

In everybody's life there's always someone - at least one person - who do us wrong. There's the boss or the coworker who treats us unfairly, or the company that cheat us, the public politics that abuses us as a collectivity, the seller or customer service employee, or anyone giving us a service who behaves poorly and rips us off, or the friend, acquintance or family member that treats us wrong or abuses of our kindness. Even the client of ours who does us wrong in any way. It's not like we mjust accept this and resignate to this, but it's good if we realize that we are not the only ones who are mistreated or treated unfairly by others.

The resentment we can harbor after such an experience might be great, and I believe it's okay to feel bad about being treated unfairly. However, past the feelings we may harbor, there's the question of our behavior. Some seem to believe that the mistreatment of someone towards them entitle them to mistreat them in return, often to the point of violating their rights or justifying harming them through breaking the law. If someone at work or our employer has treated us unfairly, then for some it's okay to harm them back by stealing from them, exposing their confidential information, selling it or even spreading ill rumors. Some think that taking from the people who has harmed you is justified, or causing them any sort of wrong through any mean, such as violationg their mail or messages if they have the chance, or harming their property, maybe even ruining their opportunities, simply to cause them harm, is justified.

Things often go past being fair or not, and some don't stop before breaking the law in order to harm those who have wronged them. When asked, these people often assure you that they are law abiding citizens, well educated, with manners, BUT they won't respect someone that don't respect them. Though I agree that respect must be earned, and it must be given in order to receive it in return, I also believe that no kind of brutish behavior or ill treatment merits violating a human being's (or any being's) rights, not entitle breaking the law in any way or form.

The Government can be rotten and corrupt to the bone, but that doesn't entitle you to evade taxes. Your company could be dishonest and hold back your paycheck for many periods, but that doesn't entitle you to steal from them to "even the debt". An acquintance of you can be a pain in the ass and owe you lots of money and keep asking you for more, and still that's no reason to violate their mail just because it mistakenly got into your hands. Your coworker can be a bitch or an ass who's only purpose in life is to make yours miserable, but that doesn't entitle you to pour your coffee on their laptop so that they lose all the files they've been working on.

The people who does us wrong, while they harm us, also teach us that we can be bigger and better. They set the bar of the lowly and poor behavior. Do we want to lower ourselves to their level or do we want to show them the kind and quality of people we are made of?

There's such a thing as karma in the world, everything comes around, and though it may take a while and we might not be around to see the payback, it is not our share to impart justice on others, for that's not justice, that's just revenge, and revenge is as poor and as lowly as the original wrong. Revenge can be a beautiful fantasy, but it has never proven to be the solution to hurt. The pain and the mistreatment don't go away with it, for only we and our determination can solve it.

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