Nov 28, 2012

A fabulous day after all

Oh goodness, wasn't I upset yesterday? ^_^ Well, my fault, I'm just not taking my life in my hands, or rather I'm not managing well some of my relationships, and lo there the results. Then again, let me place the blame somewhere else too - though I shouldn't -: this is the fault also of my friends, my family and my significant relationships, including my current, beloved boyfriend. And yes, I'm including also all of my penpals - former and present - and online friends, so YOU, dear reader, are most likely included and sharing the blame. But "what blame?" you wonder. How can YOU, dear reader, friend, family, significant others from past and present (Hello Kari! ^_^) could possibly be to blame for a current crappy relationship with someone you have nothing to do with and you don't even know? Well, that's because you ALL are wonderful, loving and perfect, and I've got lazy, and haven't practiced my skills at keeping people at bay or smacking their heads when they are going past what I'm willing to take. So there! Thank you for being such perfect and adorable and loving people and being so wonderful! Now I'm at loss dealing with someone who won't follow your incredible example.

Oh, don't you look at me like that, you know you are wonderful and that I love you a freaking lot. ^_^

Any follow up on "sucky relationship"? Nah, too soon for that. I am currently auditing my feeling about the whole thing, and analizing why am I adamant about pulling out once and for all, and whether that's what I want and what I really, really want in this case and generally. That's some soul searching to do. Hn, shall I let it all out through smash booking? ^_^ Nah, prose works much better, I'd say.

Now, yesterday wasn't a horribly bad day, if you ask me, as I had other very pleasant experiences. First, I drove to a part of town I don't drive often, (not on those routes), and I discovered new ways and new skills of mine behind the wheel! No, I didn't do anything stupid, no stunts, only discovering routes I normally knew by walking, but not by driving, and rediscovering old memories that helped me navigate around the fabulous University City.

Yesterday I had this meeting in a different district, so I drove there. The meeting - scheduled for the morning - stretched all the way into the afternoon, and it was wonderful. Yes, hard to believe, but it was! The meeting actually became a tremendously productive work session where we made a lot of important break throughs and possibly saved weeks of work to our teams. Also, since I was there, I went to eat to this fabulous little Mexican restaurant Dragonfly and I have met at, but also where Skylar and I went often to lunch either to celebrate something or to talk over sensitive issues that shouldn't be voiced around the gossip vultures of our environment. Lunch was fabulous. I only missed the mandatory tequila, BUT I was on duty, and driving, so no Don Julio for me.

Once the work session was over, I decided to drive up to the University City and try my luck at enrolling for Archery. I've been rejected for three months in a row due to lack of space. The day was sunny and beautiful, and after a biker protest due to a punitive raise in yearly vehicle taxes, the streets were empty, while drivers realized that the roads were open again. I went through the streets nearly deserted, as those streets are never seen, and got to the University City. With little searching I found the enrolling-paying cashier and there was space for me! So, guess who's going to an Archery class? Me!!

Then drove to a coffee place closer to home, where I met with a friend for some talking, and found the perfect paper to reply to a penpal of mine. Ah, perfect paper! You have no idea the difference that makes. I have a stack of acid green paper that simply doesn't cut it for me. Try as I may, it spoils my letters, really! So after much thinking I changed my pen, changed my paper to a smoother and simpler notepad paper, and the pen flows with the speed of thought, and thoughts come easy and fluent like love.

Yes, yesterday was a perfect day all in all, and even that rant, that sucky relationship was nice - now in perspective - as it made me see by comparison, how incredible, how wonderful and how deserving of all the love the world has to have you all are.



Julie said...

Hmmm, I'm really curious about that toxic relationship you've been mentioning on your blog... You talked about it several times but I have no idea who you're talking about!

I would have a lot of things to say on that topic. Some relationships are just annoying! Maybe I should write you a 30 page letter... ;)

Oh and by the way, you never did tell me if you received my Halloween card! I hope you did!


Storm Bunny said...

It's not "Penpal from Hell", but let me draft you up a letter with all the gory details of this toxic relationship. Darling, in moments like this I can tell that there's no fiction - including science fiction - that could ever compete with reality.

Now, regarding the Costa Rican Postal service... yes, it's like they have employed some of the Malaysian Hungry Ghosts, which prey on some letters. But I'll continue scaring the human workers into an inch of their lives until they release the post card. I believe it also has to do with the season. Not many people send letters (only banks and other institutions that demand money from the reciepients), but some people tend to send parcels, so small letters can get lost among the big, bulky boxes. However, the threatening will continue until I see them yield. :-)

Julie said...

Very interested in all those gory details!

And yes, do terrify the people at your post office until they hand you my envelope! Good plan.