Mar 23, 2009

The Printer of Hell

Dude, I came today to work, and my laptop, Nyikolaj, was working as bad as ever. If I was working on a Word file and for ANY reason had to go to another app, such as Microsoft Outlook to check on my mail, or my Internet Brownser, or Excel, or iTunes... you name it, the whole thing SHUT THE FUCK DOWN! It has been doing this for a while now, going as far as to shut down when I'm working on it and decide to SAVE the file just in case it decides to pull some stunt on me. So I dutifully called the dudes at I.T., you know, the ones that ban the FB and the iwiw because these are Social Sites and Date Sites, and cut the Google Talk, the MSN, and the Skype because, really , they have nothing better to do. Well, I actually called them by Thursday, and it was not until today that I actually received the call from some guy who had problems, and I mean real existential problems at speaking my name. Come on Dude!! (We then had a conversation on Animé, since I found out I can connect with him there, BUT he wasn't able to name a single Saiyan's name, and that includes Bardok, Kakarotto's father, and Raditz, Kakarotto's brother.)

So, he gets remotely into Nyikolai... and he fucking messed up the whole shebang. No Internet, no internal e-mail service, no word (at all), no excel (like it had never existed), and he decided the problem was that the driver of the PRINTER was fucking up the entire thing. So he's coming tomorrow to FORMAT my laptop. That's just swell. I didn't know that a printer could be so deadly. Shall we call the Winchesters? You know, just in case the driver is possessed or something...

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