Mar 30, 2009


I'm... flabbergasted. Yes, I'm flabbergasted. (I'd say gobsmacked, but since I heard one of the Harry Potter kids use that expression, I find it nauseating, so I refrain from employing it.) It's not a secret for anyone that Nyikolaj has been less than perfect lately, and that last week it has been hell all over trying to get it to work right. Well, let's not mention that after reporting it fucked up on Thursday, (March 19th), I had to RE-report it with the same problem, PLUS extra problems on Tuesday, (March 24th) because the technician (some Jorge) kind of forgot to come and FINISH HIS JOB!! Oh yeah. He entered the computer remotely, fucked it up inside, claimed that all Kolya's problems were due to the conflict between the Operative System and the PRINTER's driver (one hell of a driver) so he ripped off the printer, and made a mayor disaster inside to 'puter to the point where the only thing I could use from it was... the iTunes.

It took Mr. J forever to reappear. I must say, I was wary, because he had destroyed Kolya, and on top of it, I had the Ever-So-Bright Mr.B pushing and pushing his agenda, of me moving to Vista because according to his endless wisdom, all my problems with Kolya came from the fact that I was using Office 2007 on XP. Listen Buddy, try and get this: VISTA IS NOT THE SOLUTION! For crying out loud, Nagi-kun came with XP and Office 2007. The people who had Vista in the office moved back to XP. Currently he's the only one with Vista. Hell, if he likes the layout so much, he should get himself an Apple. Guess he's too much of a loser to go that far following a logical sequence of thought.

Anyway, I was leaving early on Friday, which is the day Mr. J came to finally format Kolya. I had to leave it up at the Director's office, and made him promise to come today to format my pendrives. Dude, the work ain't done until I say it's done. The Outlook is still giving me a headache and I just need all viruses erradicated. Well, guess what? Today in my mail I receive two e-mails from IT claming that the reports are closed, the problems are solved, thank you very much. Well, hell no, homie! I wrote back, and told them, that the problems are not solved just yet. The lady asked me what NEW problems I had now. No new problems, sweetheart, only I'm waiting for that motherfucker to finish his job, as he promised on Friday.

"Oh, sorry, sorry! Then I'll reject J's report and sent him back to you!"

I was ... flabbergasted. The asshole DARED to close the report when he hasn't finished his job! Well, not with me. And if he's not coming by the end of today, they'll gonna hear from me over and over and over and over.

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