Mar 29, 2009

No Time

Yes, I know, long time now. I bet even Carrie has written in her long lost and long forgtotten lj by now, probably even finished her twincest, Weasley-cest fic... which I'm dying to read, BTW, and so on. Well, sorry, but I was so fucking busy like you have no idea. First of all, I've had work to do at the office, and spent the whole fucking week trying to compel Nyikolaj Rostov to cooperate with the cause inspite of a huge virus eating up its guts. It didn't so much, as he started closing up word and power point due to "fatal errors" when I was just writing, alt-tabbed to somewhere else and then back, and lately particularly when I requested him to save the document, so I can keep all the changes I've made on it. It even erased the file I was working on. Yep. Good thing I'm a "version-freak", so every day I create a new copy of the same file to work on it. If someone remembers my files, they are all named whateverisinthisfile_v001. Yeah, some work of art, I know.

I miss Carrie. It has been so long since we talked, since we saw each other, and I really miss going with her to Goyi, or to Bill's, and Hyne knows I want to go with her again to Friday's and have some potato skins and mudslides. Hell, I miss drinking with my friends, gossipping a little and telling each other fics and all kinds of slashy tales!!! Hyne, I have the best friends in the world, I tell you. And it's not only because they are my friends, but more like they are my friends because they are all so insanely great, all in their own way, which makes them all the more enyojable!

Interestingly, this week, inspite of me loving me friends like bonkers, I haven't been able to see them, even though I wanted to meet with Víctor to see some Supernatural, and I also wanted to go see Laura and Ale to catch some booze. However I have been so tired lately, with my mind working in loops. For once, I have been working on my own working plan. Yes, I have to make it or I'll never get one, and I need to do something when I'm at the office. Add to it, I'm the only one, who can make sure I get to do a job according to my job-profile. So yeah, I've been working on that. Have also been getting, when I can, into the analysis of the yearly bahavior of the network. It bothers me that my own boss can't understand the work that goes into analysis.

At home I've been working on the necklaces I'll give to my friends, and honestly, I've been getting better and better. I promise I'll do a picture of them and post it for you after I gave it to my friends, so you can judge my work. There was one necklace that took me a lot of time to complete. It's a blue one, for which I just couldn't find the proper matching beads. I tried it out three times and two times I had to undo my work until the third time I nailed it and made it happen. I don't really like making matching earrings to them, so for the last two I made some earrings quite different, yet with a kind of "feeling" that relates to the necklace, and also to what I believe to be the personality of the friend getting the piece. Hopefully they like it. ^_^

I still gara deal with the packing, for I'll be flying home this weekend, and I have just done my luggage once. I still have to review and re-pack, prepare a full list of stuff (which I should make permanent), and go over step by step. ^_^ Good thing is that my "traver documents" pack is done. Ticket, taxes, passports, ID, public transportation pass, Hungarian SIM card, Budapest and Wien maps, plus the copy of the reservations of the hotels in Wien and in Krakow. I've packed books, CDs and some clothes, but I still have to recheck and pack jewelry, extra shoes, toilettery and asthma pumps. I also have to collect the gifts I'm giving to my friends and my in-laws, which Kari considers a waste of time, but I happen to know better. Gara get the presents of the boys and also the present of the birthday boy.

Yes, traveling, even when you go home, is a hassle. However, I'm happy I'm going home, even if it is only for two weeks. Hopefully soon I'll be able to go back home forever.

Things are going along the plan, others are getting stale, still in a moment of movement, getting stuck, but I try not to lose my patience. Kari told me yesterday, that he found it amazing I kept fighting for my thesis after all that have been happening. The shameless corruption and small-mindedness of some around it, that seek to pull some profit from our work, and yet stop it for pety reasons. Well, I can't let go of it, my life and my future depends on it. I can't let go.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to wash my hair and go on with the packing. Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow and write to you.

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