Jun 8, 2009

BN - No Blessin' in there

Today I was reminded about the beauty of Customer Care. Well, the BN here in Costa Rica does go the extra mile for the customer. I've to pay the Oriflame bill at this bank and I can do it only at this bank. It wouldn't be so bad, except that this one bank is famous for the following thing:

1. HUGE queues.
2. SLOW service
3. Too much red tape for everything
4. Fees for EVERYTHING, far more than in anyother bank, private or state owned, or all of them put together. They even have the face to charge for the upkeeping of the account when they do nothing for it.

It's also the only bank I've seen shamelessly lie on a Balance State for the pension operator, saving the red numbers by counting all the fees charged to the clients for every little bit. In other ways, this bank can't make a single profitable buiness, but covers the expenses with more and more fees, taking from the poor and stuffing the pockets of the rich. A reversed Robin Hood. Oh, and that picture is of a queue at one of the bank's branches... 15 minutes before opening. That line took two hours to get to the teller.

It is so upsetting that the bill of oriflame can only be paid there, so I have to find ways to get to the bank, many of which branches open at 8:30 and close between 15:30 and 16:00. Thanks to a meeting that ended up early (it was both un-productive and very educating at the same time), I managed to get in time to this one office in Heredia, which closes by 18:00, time I normally don't make it. Well, there's more to it. In order to enter the bank, you have to cross an automat teller machine hall and then walk through a double door, much like the ones in many airports (Charles de Gaule has them). Between the doors you are scanned for metallic objects, and if you are carrying them, you are requested to leave them at some lockers. There's no guard on the side of the lockers and the lockers look easy to pic. Naturally, I was loaded with metal: cellphone, coins, wires, PDA, hairpins, compact, metal tipped fountain pens... I wasn't going to leave my bag in such an unsafe place, but talking every single metal thing from it wsa too much of a hassle, particularly because it could all be stoled while I did what was looking like another 2,5 hour queue.

So I left. There was no other branch close, and it really upset me that they were so concerned about THEIR safety that they didn't think about the customer's safety or comfort.

The Banco Nacional is an epitome to the anti-Custormer Care.

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