Jun 7, 2009

Lies and Shots at Love

Today's tv shows are stupid, to say the least. Years before the only shows where "real people" could be seen where those tremendously stupid shows of contest, many of which are still on the air, and very popular... among people with no cable tv, or people who would see just about anything.

I don't know when did it started, maybe it was the mighty MTV with the famous "The Real World" shows, but the thing is that we suddenly got flooded by them. From what I've heard, you can actually request Reality Show channels from some operators. Most of them, at the same time, are addictive, and I must admit that one I used to watch because it was so much fun was "The Girls of the Playboy Mansion". Reality shows, however, can be tied to many things, and in the case of some celebrities letting cameras into their homes, things can get complicated and the shows can be canceled.

A show that caught my attention a few times is this "A Shot At Love" with Tila Tequila. Now they go for the second season, which doesn't really surprise me. The show is made in the old "Survivor" or "Big Brother" fashion, only the group doesn't vote to eliminate fellows, but the "prize" eliminates them. Something, maybe, like some "America's Next Top Model" thing. The idea is that there's this Tila woman, who says to be bisexual and looking for love. Some 30 strangers gather up and compete for her "love". Yeah, imagine that.

There are a few things that distress me from the show. First of all, what's that whole deal of presenting yourself as a "bisexual star"? It only confirms my theory that in the world, in the current world you are what you fuck. At the same time, while many gay activists fight day and night for the world to see them as normal, the first thing they do is claim their sexuality as a defining banner. Hell, they even have a flag! I'm heterosexual, but do I have a flag for that? Do I wear Straight Pride bracelets, or advertise my sexual orientation with badges or banners? Do I go around introducing myself as: "Hi, I'm Jane Doe, heterosexual, 35, female..." No. When it comes to us, straight people, we don't feel the need to talk about our sexual orientation, because that's not what defines us. So if gay and bi people are normal, which they are, why don't they behave normally instead of making a fuss out fo their sexual orientation?

Oh well, I guess just that some people definitivelly are what they fuck.

Second of all, the show is a huge bogus. Evidently Tila isn't looking for love, only for advertisement and some fame. She got it, so she did a second season. After all, who in hell would believe you can get love through a reality show? For once, in order to find love, you have to give love time to breath and let it develop naturally. It comes when it has to come, then its up to you to take it to let it go. Do everybody get to find their "One"? No, of course not. People is famous for making bad choices, so a lot of people end up with some poor choice, trapped forever, and probably never know what love's about.

When you look at this show, you see a bunch of low self-esteem people gathered up thinking they've got a ticket to the easy life. For once, Tila lives on her sexuality in order to make herself popular. She seems to be the kind of person who needs to be always the center of attention. Haven't seen much of the show, know little much of her, but she tips me like the kind of person who wants to be kept in a pedestal: be always worshipped and do ever so little. She might be prone to drama, but really very passive when it comes to solve things, or actually do something, have an original thought or express any kind of human life reaction. She's so passive she makes a doll, a pupet out of herself.

On the other hand there are the contestants. Does any of them really believe that taking part in all kinds of games and winning them, like some kind of Medieval Knight Contest will bring them the love of the prize? Or is it that they want to believe that earning love is just as easy, can be achieved with such games, they can prove their worth and worry ever so little about actually getting to know the other person and have a decent, normal relationship? What kind of love can bloom between the player and the prize? Love for the prize or love for the feeling of "defeating" 29 other people?

It's so funny how the accent is taken from actual love and placed on easier things, on a competition.

The problem is that out there there's a lot of people who believe that's the way it goes. People who will think that they don't have to be really liked by the other part, but fulfill some tasks and win their love. Emotions, human connection is devaluated and eliminated. At the same time, rejection becomes so dramatical it takes unbearable stains. Rejection means utter failure, something terribly embarrasing that tells you that you are the worse, you worth nothing, that from all the people around you, you are the only one, or one of a very few that are not good for the goal.

Rejection at love is not failure, and love is not something you can "win". Love doesn't spur, can't be made happen from someone who doesn't love you. Love happens, does need maintenance, lika a car, and can be lost, not by robbery, for love can't be taken away, but can be lost by uncaring.

Love starts with interests, gets a shot if there's the right chemistry that gets is going, flames it up, and then, with time, talking, sharing, interest, dedication, things either grow or wither. Anyone who has a healthy self-esteem, who knows what is to love and be loved, because loves his or herself, knows the nature of love, and knows that no game, no contest will provide it. So why some people go into this thing? Well, maybe because they crave for attention, they want ti be famous, but basically because they don't love themselves, how no idea how to love or what's like to be loved, but need someone to provide them what they can't give to themselves: love or anything that could pass for it.

So yes, Til, LIE and get A Shot At Love.

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