Jun 23, 2009

Guns and Studs

Yesterday I was fangirling, today in the morning I had a mandatory dose of 4x17, where I gathered some info (Dean went to Stanford?), and when I was to quench my thirst with some slash fiction, it turns out that all my regular sources (many of them very, very poor), have been filtered and left out of the Websense prison. Fuck, I feel like locked inside La Bastille, only I don't get freed on July 14th, nor there's a party to celebrate a damned thing. Now, I wouldn't venture to say that "life is unfair", but simply would like to state that Corporations are unfair... and they are.

Yesterday I finally got to see my friend Carrie, who recently turned... ehhh... 20... again. (In the past days she has told me she had been a bit worried because her little sister is now older than she. I told her to chill about that. Now she has two older sisters instead of an older sister and a little sister. No more imoutochan for Carrie! ^_^) I gave her her birthday present, which were two gold stud earrings with screw backs, and then the fic I managed to finish (somehow) in the last minute. We met at Bagelmen's because she brought me some episodes of Supernatural's fourth season, and I needed Nagi to copy them. San José ain't the place where you want to be seen sliding a laptop from your bag, so I asked Carrie to meet at a safer place.

As usual, we talked about life, work, friends and then plunged into SPN hardcore fangirling. From that meeting I learned a few things:

1. In 4x17 Sam and Dean's lastnames are again chosen by gun brands. I had no idea, since my knowledge of firearms is extremely limited. I mean, I know they have a "trigger", which is the thingie you have to squeeze to fire the gun, it has a "barrel" which is the long tube from which the bullet is shot. Then there's the "magazine" which is the thingy where you put the bullets, has a grip, which is where you grab it, and then there's a "cock"... not that kind either. Now, I checked it out and it turns out you call it "hammer", which is like the safety of the gun, but funnily, when you pull it back to remove the safety and fire the gun, you say you've "cocked" the gun. And that's pretty much my knowledge on firearms, oh, and it applies only for English.

However, after yesterday's comment from Carrie, I checked it out, and it happens that Smith&Wesson IS a firearm brand. So, up to this day the brands of firearms I know are:

a. Glock
b. Winchester
c. Remington
d. Beretta
e. Smith&Wesson

From where I know that Winchester, Remington and Smith&Wesson make shotguns. (All my firearm knowledge is exclusively related only to fiction. For certain stories I've to make research, which is why my head fills with this kind of information.)

2. I learned that I hate Hummus, or at least the one that Bagelmen's spreads on their bagels. It is unedible.

3. I realized I'm something of a "Big Bang Theory"-like geek, because I like the series Numb3rs (Numbers) because it's about "maths", though "it's not really about maths, but statistics... probabilistics mostly, which is disapponting at times, but the formulas in it are fascinating! Oh, and sometimes they make allusion to economical formulas!". I should really, really get back to fanfics, shopping, reading fashion magazines, or move ASAP to Hungary and get laid a lot until my brain leaves the "Geek Zone" and starts working normally again.

4. I realized I have seen SNP chapters too much, for I know how many times Maddison was mentioned in the fourth season, in which circumstances.... and I can quote lines, word by word from the top of my head. It's almost as creepy as the day I realized I knew all the lines of "Rosemary's Baby" in Spanish, and I do mean ALL the lines. Know also the books Dean Smith keeps in his office (The Witching Hour by Anne Rice, and The Warlord), know that Dean tends to wink one eye when he's annoyed or uncomfortable, and Sam rather tenses his jaws, make a weird mouth twist and flare a little his nostrils.

5. I learned about a former friend of mine, who's sinking deeper and deeper into a very unhealthy kind of life. I've actually three female acquintances who happen to have a somehow "Peter Pan"-ish complex. They are WELL into their 20's, reaching the 30's fast, and yet their minds are stuck on kinder garden. The woman in question has a son, whom she treats more like a doll. She's addicted to japan animated series, and it is said that all she does, all day is organize events across country, for which she dresses up and forces her toddler son to dress up, often dyeing the poor kid's hair in the process. Sweet Hyne, who puts dye on a three-four year old!?

This made me think about people, and how irresponsible they can be. Some people seem to think that consequences can be escaped, that they can remain forever children if the just refuse to behave like adults and asume responsabilities. They think that having a baby is just making it, carry it and give birth to it, and that once they leave the body of the mother, by some miracle, the kind will be fully able to get all it needs by itself. They think their actions have no consequences, they are independent and don't influence the kid, and if the kid turns out fucked up it's entirely the kid's own fault.

People like this should be nutted and their kids sent to orphanages.

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