Jun 14, 2009

The "System"

The other day I had lunch with this acquintance of mine (who looked so very different from what I remembered), and he told me about this methond or system or something he was following, that had helped him lose Hyne knows howmany pounds of his weight. The system is called "Superthon System" and he explained it to me through the notes he did from the book, which he sent me through e-mail.

First of all, I didn't remember him ever being a human rocking ball or anything like that, so it was strange for me why would he follow a diet to lose weight. And well, lose weight he did, now he looks rather dried out. Well maybe is only me, who likes people with "substance" on their bones. Like any dieting system, it had rules about how and what to eat. One of the things was that food was divided in four categories: proteins, carbs, vegetables and fruit. You can mix them all, but you can't mix carbs and proteins. Every other mix is allowed... except that you have to eat fruit on an empty stomach. Then, like every other diet in the world, it said that you can drink as much water as you like. Water is free, free, free. You must also eat every three hours, but you must make sure that you are not making two carb meals consecutive. You can eat proteins twice one after the other, but you must spaciate carb meals with protein meals or anything but carbs again.

Now, proteins are all animal and animal-derivated foods, and carbs are "non-animal, but neither vegetal or fruits", such as grains, fluor, sugars, yeast and so.

Suddenly, even though the system tells you you can eat all you want, you can't. You can't, for instance, eat a lasagna, because there's meat, cheese (proteins) and pasta (carbs). Same goes to hamburgers, hotdogs, and yeah, sandwiches, bread with butter, bread with ham, or liver cream, jambalaja, rice&beans (Caribbean style), any kind of spaghetti, pizza, calzone, risotto... fish and chips even (fried in vegetal oil...), and lets not start on potato skins! So, it got me thinking. Shouldn't it be the point that people eat healthy? Our lifestyle is not the best for heathly eating, but depriving us from good stuff, stuff that has been around for centuries ain't the solution, it's just another way to make people unhappy. I think people should eat whatever they want to eat and be happy about it. Don't eat until you are about to explode, but eat until you are not hungry, then take every chance you have to move a little. Walk to the grocery store if you can, take the stairs, at least for a few floors, and maybe you take the electrical stairs, but you can still climb them! Walk as much as you can, and drink as much as you can. Water, juice, beer, whatever makes you tick. And as often as you can, prefer fresh and natural over stored and artificial.

And if you are a bit round, a little bit puffy here and there, what's the big deal? Ain't like you've gara make a living as a toothpick, right? Just be happy the way you are, with whom you are, change what you want to change, if that truly makes you happy, but don't force yourself. Live for yourself, because nobody else will live for you. Remember, we have only one life, so shouldn't we take advantage of it and enjoy as much as we can?

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Dragonfly said...

Well I follow a lot of diets, but I never see results when I am not exercise enough... So from tomorrow to september I am on a diet again.

Wish me luck!