Jun 27, 2009

A Star That Imploded

An acquintance from my Google Talk "buddy list" wrote the following words in his "personal message": "The king of Pop is dead. Long live the king". This of course after a loooooooong senseless "speach" about how much Michael Jackson meant to him, and the impact he had in his life. Well, dude, the guy was "gone" for a long time now, sunk in lawsuits, bankrupcy and his childish PJ's. It was a bit unfair that he died the same day as Farrah Fawcet, a star known by her beauty, but really, nothing else, so basically she was a "pin up girl" of the seventies-eighties. It's unfair also, because suddenly, as jackson died every other thing got shunned. Iran, Neda, Africa, China... Is that fair?

Ain't fair either, because under all the flashlight the King of Pop has always attracted to himself, there's the underlying evil in people's heart, their need to find more dirt on him. Why did he did? Did he really molested children? Why was he so dysfunctional? I won't step in here and say "Oh, he was such a good guy, misunderstood by the world but so deeply good and generous in his heart", because I don't believe in that bullshit. I didn't know him, I didn't follow him, and though I knew him as much as the person next door, truth to be told, I don't have enough on him to pass judgment.

For all the things he has been through, though, I believe he had this comming. He deserved to die, and it might be a blessing that he died now. Not because he was "evil" and the "world is a better place without him", but because the world put him through so much, he deserves to finally rest from all the crap he had to live with.

People should now leave him alone and concentrate on the living, on the troubles that keep piling up and requiring a solution.

Thoughen up.

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Dragonfly said...

tienes mucha razón amiga... a veces la gente no se preocupa por lo realmente importante.

Besos ;)