Jun 5, 2009


Forbes has good writers and bad writers. Mr. Brian Caufield is, without doubt, an enjoyable writer. Ms. Elizabeth Woyke is the total opposite. For yesterday's issue, she wrote an article about the Palm Pre. The Palm Pre is basically Palm's proposal to get back into the smartphone and smart device market. Naturally, you'd like to read in an acticle like this about the features of this proposal. Okay, maybe there's a reason for not hearing about this, because Forbes is not PC Magazine or some Telecomm magazine, so okay, I get it. Then maybe we could hear about how much money was invested, who are the sponsors, with which mobile operator does it has a contract, which technology does it support, more detail about the market is targets, specifics about the design and the concept about the Pre, oh, and please, include a picture, if possible?

Ms. Woyke seemingly got her jollies talking about "organic" and "Zen" and how the device was designed to look like a "found precious" thing. Dude, it does look like a "found" thing: a found, common-looking phone. Not even the colors were discussed, but she rather had found going over and over rattling like a teen "gossip-girl" with diminished communication skills, babbling a lot and saying nothing. Hell-loooow! Is there anyone in the editiorial department? Or is Ms. Woke banging the editor?

Oh, lemme guess: you'd like to know what that ugly picture has to do with anything? Yeah, so do I. That's the picture Forbes attached to the article. Neat, huh?

Oh well, I'll throw you a bone, so you are happy: MAJOR SUPERNATURAL SPOILERS!!! DO NOT READ IF YOU CAN'T HANDLE SPOILERS!

I thought I was going to be so depressed after yesterday, when the final episode of the fourth season of Supernatural was going to be broadcasted by Warner Channel. I was sure and positive that Sam was going to die, and had to be killed by Dean. I was bawling ahead of time. First of all, yes, I was right, Lilith was the last seal, and the one"lifted from men and twisted to evil"was Sam (easy guess, really), but Sammy didn't die (yay!!!! ^_^), Dean didn't have to kill'im and they are back together again ^_^. Add to it, the end of the season was a full fledged promise of a fifth season.

Hang on there, boys!!!! ^_^

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Dragonfly said...

Fisrt of all... I am so sorry because I did'n come here in the last days... I really was busy, helping Dave, translating a document.

Well, I am looking for a new celular, the one I have is very bad looking and is old, this one is very beautiful... I like it.