Jun 19, 2009

The end of Football in Costa Rica

Around Wednesday-Thursday of this week, I heard a really-really stupid proposal, but it wasn't until now that I read more about it. Thing is that six of the twelve football sports clubs in Costa Rica have decided to promote a Pay-per-View mode regarding the matchs. They want to charge people $10 per month to be able to see the matchs, which, BTW, ain't so good. Reading from other blogs and news, the thing is that in order to pay for the PPV, you first have to have a cable service, and pay also for the DIGITAL service, which means that if you don't have cable (like almost 70% of the population) you have to start paying around $50 a month and THEN pay the $10 a month for a service, that you are currently getting for free.

The idea came from some Club directives that said the teams need money to face the new requirements imposed by the FIFA. So, they have the tickets for the games, but that's not enough. They have all the sponsors, but that's not enough. They have the TV channels, all the advertising, the club members, but that's not enough to pay for "the new requirements". So, instead of lowering wages, stop bringing international players and coaches, they go and do the Murdoch and squeeze the hen of the golden eggs, milk the cow dry, see how much can they get from it, not thinking of the consequences. Oh, because they say clubs in Europe do the same. Nope, they don't. At least not in the parts of Europe I know.

Sure, football is not as vital as news, and yes, Rupert Murdoch is really going over the top with what he's doing, but so are these stupid, third class clubs! Just because they are first division and Costa Rican people love football it doesn't mean they are so rich or so stupid as to pay for the game! No, people won't end up without football, because there's still the Second Division, for free, as well as Sub-21 and Sub-17. There will be games to watch, and maybe, when people stop cheering for Heredia, Saprissa and Liga, and change their colors for Barrio México, Sagrada Familia and Hyne knows what else, these stupid directives will understand the mistake they made. Then again, hopefully, they'll be able to recover the fans they so willingly disappointed and cast away because the didn't have "the money" needed to be a fan for aFirst Division club.

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