Jun 11, 2009

Seeking for the positive Thinking

It has been rough, to say the least, not to thing about all the shit that's going on in so many levels, that suddenly going "Postal" sounds like a very, very good option. Well, within this frame, becoming postal is actually becoming a martyr, a kamikaze for the good of the People. I try to breath slow and think about all the good things in life, only it quite doesn't make you feel right.

Like you all know, I work at this State owned telecommunications enterprise. Years ago, it was heaven to be here due to all the warranties we enjoyed. The key word is "was". Thing had been going pear shaped and not in the last place thanks to the bunch of mentally challenged assholes that work as bosses in here. Little by little people has been moved to positions where they are under other people that have earned their chieftenship thanks to friends, and by no means by merits. Many of the good old bosses have been placed in processes and directions to which they have no experience whatsoever, because their former position was just too good and it had been rewarded to someone with "better friends". For years things stopped being done for the good of the organization, or for the good of the people (both workers and customers), and it was all for the "friends". Then this has been allowed as well because, as we all know it, the current Government wishes to destroy the enterprise in order to sell it to some multinational enterprises (AméricaMóvil, Telefónica, Digicel (Millicom), Cable&Wireless). One interesting thing is that back in the end of the 80's, when this president was also president, he allowed Millicom to enter the telecommunications market when it was still a State monopoly. The enterprise had only a handful of clients and the service was both awful and taxing.

When Arias' (the president) first term ended, the company was demanded and expelled from the country. Now they are coming back.

But this are things we have already got used to. The Unions and many people bitches about the opening of the markets, and how unfair it will be for all. Of course it will be! First time signing fidelity contracts that will tie the customer to the will of the operator, unable to leave unless they pay a hefty fee... that ain't gonna happen. It will be the end of the $0,003 per SMS, anytime, anywhere. The end of the $0.05-$0.04 per minute on the mobile for any location in the country, no matter whether the called number is a landline or a mobile. The end of the $0.01 per minute on the landline calls. But people want Telefónica Movistar, and Claro, and Digicell and a world just like the one on the tv. Okay, they'll be the ones paying those exhorbitant fees, storing the mobile because they can't talk as much as back when they were with us, and unable to leave due to the Exit Fee. But then again, what's to fear? Competition? Fuck, haven't we always said we are the best operator in Latin America? Or was it only true when we were all alone and unthreatened?

Maybe. Maybe they are working to bring the enterprise down. Maybe.

One thing that makes me think really hard about it is something that recently happened. Due to the World Crisis, the enterprise ordered an Auster Measure Program, which forbid buying a lot of equipment, paper, ink--- and forbid raises, extra hour payings, promotions or any kind of monetarian recognition to the workers. Then, they announced 500 positions available FOR PEOPLE OUTSIDE THE COMPANY! Only in our Division there are 22 position of a quite high category, of which all current employees are excluded. It was a hope we had, that we could still get a raise for our work by moving to a higher position. Well, not anymore. Now people who have been working hard, earning each category level after YEARS of work and negotiating, are suddenly frozen, but must see people fresh from the street, with no experience in the industry whatsoever get to a higher position, and on top of that, they, who have been denied the position because are "not good enought" must train the newcomers.

Yep, as soon as the foreing operators enter there will be a massive workforce bleeding from this company.


Dragonfly said...

Is hard to think about it. I feel, I have to say... I feel a good, because everyday I go to work I try to give my best... but I feel sad, too when I see people without compromise....


Storm Bunny said...

I understand what you say. Everyday at the office I make a schedule for myself, and try to find something engaging to do. Sometimes I manage to do it, but then, when I see people wasting time, leaving their job on other people, bosses with no vision, who think that "because my bosses don't do anything" they can leave the whole process drift, then I feel so hopeless and can't but thing about the toll it takes on my career.