Aug 16, 2009

Art Nouveau

Is Art Nouveau comming back to town? I do hope so, but the chances of it are slim. It's not a secret for anyone that this is my favorite kind of art, and that if I could would make and design everything into this fabulous style. To say that I love it is an understatement. I simply adore it. I find it so suiting to my style, my desires, my likes and my loves.

Today I was talking to my boyfriend and the topic of conversation stranded again about the Óbuda apartment he owns, and about it's location and decoration. I think he's scared about me going all bold an particularly "expensive". For the first time I saw a layout of the apartment. I was shocked to see that he was planning to move the kitchen right before the living room. Then again, I have not seen one Hungarian flat or house with a decent, normal distribution so far... maybe only my aunt's place. I was trying to find a way to place the kitchen outside the traffic area, because, really, I don't want people entering my home through my kitchen, but given the impossible layout of the place, I've made peace with it... for a while. Meanwhile that kitchen must look pristine 24/7.

Another matter on the table is decoration. Though there are not many pieces of furniture in there I've a hard time already making peace with. There's a couch living set that... dude, "leather". That screams "careless, unconcerned, immature bachelor". Why men like leather furniture? It smells, sticks to you, makes you sweat, makes you slide constantly, makes more noise than regular upholstery, and if the sole concern is that it's easier to clean, Hell, what the fuck are you expecting to clean off that couch? So sacrificing comfort and style for messiness? Like that would happen. Then, there's a dresser... which used to belong to his mother. Goner.

Rule number one: you can't start establishing your own space, your own style with the handoffs of other people. If they match your style, sure, but these are NOT a place to start, when you are heading off fresh. Now, unlike many would think by now, I do have an idea of "budget", therefore I work in the lines of "main pieces" that would create the core of the style and around which little by little one can work and add more with time. On my side, I'm a passionate Art Nouveau, and related "turn of the century" styles. From here to some Art Deco, everything is fair game, but I do seek to stablish some reserved minimalism, maximizing of the space and decluttering as much as possible (though that's a challenge considering all my books and tchotchkes). So, I'm envisioning natural materials, lots of wood and wicker, flax and hemp, multifunctional, fold-back furniture, after all, the space is small. ^_^

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