Aug 5, 2009


It's a strange question, I know, but let me go on with it. So, the thing is how much those who know us do know us? The idea came after I saw on yesterdays Criminal Minds' Episode this scene where a couple locked in a hut found a pair of knickers on the bed's headboard. The woman said then to her husband:

" Those are not mine."

It was then that it came to my mind, that yes, actually our partners don't know our gardrobe. Sure, maybe they can tell something is new, and maybe notice it only after six months after you purchased the item, but truth is that they couldn't remember your underwear. Yes, that same underwear the dream of day after day, night after night. And why's that? The answer to it that it's because we have so much clothes simply doesn't satisfy me, specially because I can remember my underwear, and I can remember my mate's underwear as well. Is it because they don't pay attention? I'm not saying that a one night stand must remember, or a casual lover, or a lover you don't live with, but when you are living with someone for a time, and you've done the laundry, shouldn't they remember and be able to pick your underwear from a pile to underwear, just as you can do it?

Maybe it's because us women usually do the laundry (Hyne knows how men are able to go around wearing the same undies until they stand alone and greet them), which is why, maybe they should be involved in the laundry chores more often.

Maybe it means nothing, maybe people would say, that men doesn't even know how many purses or shoes women have, nor they care, but I believe that when you live with someone, each part should pay attention to the other, be aware of the little details, and so make life much more smooth and easy.

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