Aug 23, 2009

Fuel, The Key of the Next Crisis

Every Sunday I receive the local financial paper wrapped up in a plastic bag, held with a rubberband. So much care is really unnecesary due to the poor quality, the parcialized, liar articles it contains. Why do I receive it? Because it's a courtesy, I don't have to pay a dime for it. The paper belongs to the "La Nación" group, which means that it works 100% for the current Government and their personal interests. This is how last week they published a note badmouthing our company with data that's beyond false. Other than these, the paper's other articles are weak, involving little research.

This week the paper has an article where the newest director of the INCAE says a new crisis is to come by 2012, and that this new crisis will be due to the fuel. Okay, lets say it will happen this way. This director, Lawrence Pratt says it's because we have reached the end of the oil reserves, and that it will be incredibly hard to find anymore oil. I think that's something that the world should have known since a while now and that it should have been working on. I believe at some level it is working on it now, but the desperation of the market and people to get cars and travel with cars at any costs is what's pushing the boundaries here.

Pratt, talks that it's time to work on locally producing fuel, looking for alternative sources of fuel, and mentioned "biofuel". I can't believe that someone would dare to bring that up. First of all, if an inminent fossil fuel is coming, the first step, for me, would be to take people off the fuel consuming things. Reduce the number of cars circulating, promote other ways ot transportation, such as electric cars and electric urban trains, replace the taxi lot with electric cars, introduce telenetworking in more places or promote jobs closer to where people live so they can either walk there or bike their way to the office.

Biofuel, in my opinion, should be the last place where an economy should go because the danger exists that the production of food would sensibly decrease in order to produce inputs of biofuel. Less sugar, because it goes mainly for biofuel. Even if the biofuel can be produced from a byproduct, what would pay more? Same with corn. Soon farms of edibles will be transformed because, let's be honest, in a world hooked on fuel consuming things, what will be more profitable, food or fuel?

Maybe it's because I don't have a car, but I do travel often with planes and I need them fueled and afordable to go home, but I believe that it's more important for me to eat, and eat healthy food, real food, than getting a car fueled and provoking traffic jams. However, some people, MBA's probably, don't seem to think the same way. Well, that's what produces crisis.


Dragonfly said...

Bueno Zsue... sobre la crisis he leido un poco sobre las muchas teorías que se generan... se que no es nada fácil afrontar los días, mi bolsillo lo ha sentido, pero aún no me quita las ilusiones y las ganas de tomar un avión y volar a la esperanza...


Storm Bunny said...

A mí tampoco me quita la ilusión de viajar, pero sí me molesta que de pronto sea más difícil o imposible viajar porque la gente se empeňa en desperdiciar la gasolina en usar el coche cuando hay maneras más económicas y amigables con el ambiente de viajar.