Aug 12, 2009

I'll try...

Okay, okay, I'll really try to in-blog-up myself and write shorter entries, I won't promise anything, but I'll try.

I'm not getting the hang of the Twitter the same way Shimmy is. He's slowly moving into the 140-character area, and as I see his tweets and those of his followers and followeds, they are pretty much public-SMS-ing through the Internet. Is this the point of tweeting? I honestly really seek to mini-blog, writing down a short sentence or something of the sort, and most of my followed ones do the same. However some people do "overshare" by putting on stuff like: "I'm eating", "I'm washing my teeth", "I went to answer my phone", or maybe only "chatting" in near-real time.

I'm working on my thesis mainly mentally, which really doesn't account for much unless I type it down, which I always think I'll to tonight, tomorrow, tonight, tomorrow... My mind is not in the right place to handle those issues. I open the file sometimes, and I read the chapter we are working on, but nothing comes to me. It's so frustrating. Instead, now my head is filled with new developments for my "theory", narrowing down a few variables, harnessing the parameters and finding my way to build something coherent that can explain something. It makes me feel so good. However I've a question without answer: how can I get my theory heard by the community?

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Dragonfly said...

A veces es un poco difícil trabajar con la tesis, porque uno tiene las ideas en la cabeza, le dan vueltas y al fin y al cabo no sabe uno como organizarlas para que queden escritas como uno quiere, o peor aún como sean mejor para que los demás también comprendan...

En cuanto a Twitter... la verdad es que casi no me logeo y cuando lo hago, a veces me aburro.

Besos ;)