Aug 11, 2009

Behold the Rising Economical Power

You probably know it as "China", but I call it "where are the Huns when the world need them". Truly feel like getting on a horse myself, grab a bow, some arrows and wreck havoc, see if they can find me a "Mulan" to stop me. Hell, it makes my blood boil. On one side of the scope we see China going global with fierce determination. Hosts Olympic Games, gives away money to countries, buys up IBM's hardware business (and totally fucks up the fabulous IBM ThinkPad, which will always be the love of my life), and pushes hard and strong into mobile telecommunications with 3G and 4G solutions through Huawei. This company has gone from unheard to popping up everywhere like a really bad case of swine flu. Before you notice it the red eight-petal lotus flower will be flooding everything like spam. Then again, people are buying, so what's the damage in that?

Now the New York Times tells us that the "land of opportunities" for the American graduates is in no other place than China. Too much unemployment, so go get a jobb in Beijing or Shanghai. Add ot it that this country holds the biggest part of debts in the world. China as the big World Wide Creditor. But what else do we know of this country? How about this: built on forced labor (like in Xinjiang, North West of China), repression of freedom of expression, bullying of the population and particularly activists, censoring of the Internet, near-slavery working conditions, among others. Let's not get into topics such as the forced pregnancy terminations to which the subject women who have more kids than "they should", the still degrading way they look at women, and so on. However let's pull out another topic, published today in CNN: Children snatching. Yes, I guess everywhere you can see that same problem, the human trafficking, selling kids, women, men. Babies and toddlers for adoption, the rest for slave labor, sexual slavery or even for "spare parts". In this article, however, the case is od babies taken away from their families, probably sold to rich families. According to the article, baby boys sell for as high as $1200, while baby girls sell for around $200. Hell, Persian cats are sold for more.

The article continues saying that the parents of these kids have turned to the police, but the police does nothing. Not even with videocamera recordings of the baby snatching. If I were prone to thinking ill, I'd say that's because the police is neck-deep involved in these snatchings. However, why is there no justice for these people? They are not rioting, they are not protesting, they just want their kids back. However police seems effective to search, locate, tail and arrest activists without any actual incriminatory evidence, or they are good at closing a square like Tiananmen, to avoid protesters. They can protect hermetically the interests of the Party, but they won't move a finger to protect their own people. It's almost as if people were nothing but labor bundles that must be squeezed dry, work to the bone, and they can be stashed in whatever little, dingy place.

It suddenly changes the way you see all those videos about mistreating cats and dogs, from which they make food and coats. It's suddenly not so radical, because after all, that's the way they treat people. Now my question is: is this still the "land of opportunities"? And if this is the new Global Economical Power, what will become of the world? Furthermore, how far can they keep it up? There's just so much you can do on slave labor in a world like this, specially because if they slump the world into slavery, who will have money to buy what they sell?

Beware, beware, the Huns might soon be there.

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