Aug 10, 2009


There's an advertisement I love a lot, about cat food, that shows different people with other pets and how myserable they are due to them. The guy how has to get up from bed when he just wanted to turn for the night because he has to take the dog out, dog which is barking like hell. The kid who can't go to play because he has to change the water of the fishtank. All the while people with cats are shown enjoying their lovely, furry, adorable, ever so beautiful cats. As a fervent Cat-Lover, I absolutely relate to the ad. (I won't buy Hyperion that brand of cat food, though. He has Cat Chow, though from time to time I like to surprise him with a can of Whiskas, lox. ^_^ He totally worths it.)

A lot of people in Costa Rica simply hate cats, which is totally unfair. They call cats disgusting, when the cat baths often, things a dog doesn't. They call them noisy, when the cat's voice ain't half as loud as the dog's barking or the parrots heinous strident shrieking. Hungary has more cat-lovers, which is just another reason to love my homeland more. (Ok, I love Costa Rica too. It has cat-lovers, like Shimmy Gin ^_^. His Tisú rules!!) I don't really like any other kind of pet. I find dogs disgusting because they are smelly, noisy, dependant and their hair is coarse. There are beautiful dogs, though, like the Husky and the Irish Setter, but I really, really hate the fact that they drool so much. I remember once I shared a piece of food with our old dog, Lobo and his drool was all over my chop sticks. Wasn't so bad, but I really, really prefer to share my food with my cats: they don't drool over my food. They are clean.

I don't like fish because you can't interact with them. Besides they are not pretty. Their eyes are ugly and they have no real face, and if you touch them they feel icky. Birds don't really look at you and they have weird faces too. Their legs are too thin and don't really do much for the body. Maybe I'd love a falcon, because it's more sturdy, more harmonious, but birds are not really my thing. You have to keep them in cages, clean their cages... and they are smelly. Besides they can harm you. No, not in a Hitchcock way, but they can nick you or pinch you with their beaks. That's not fun.

Cats are fun in every way. I won't try here to sell the idea of cats to people who don't like them, but I want to share why I love them.

First of all, cats are BEAUTIFUL. It's just so hard to find one ugly cat! Well, I've seen them, so I know they exists, but the largest part of cats are all just beautiful. The very idea of "cat" has always been associated with beauty. Cat-like women are hot, mysterious and wanted by all, like Catwoman. Cat-like eyes are the most beautiful kind of eyes anyone can wish for. Add to it, they have such a soft, lovely furrrrr!!! Oh, I love cat fur =^_^= I like also the way they smell. I love to hug Hyperion, kiss the top of his lovely head and sniff him up a bit. He's such so delicious!

They are not noisy and their voice is so lovely. They don't mew out of the blue at everything, but mew to get your attention when they see you, if they feel like getting something to you and they can't get it any other way. Cats catch rodents... well, those who do. Hyppie doesn't share those inclinations: he's a pacifist PETA kind of cat. =^-^=

Cats groom themselves, and when they have enough space (not locked in a tiny apartment), they clean after themselves. They burry their own mess. Have you seen a dog looking for a place to do its business and then clean it up? Well, cats do. Cats are independent, and this is the feature I love the more about them. Cats are for people who like functional relationships, where they don't step into each other's business. Cats are not a substitute for a clingy, dependant significant other, some needy someone that can't do anything for itself. Cats manage their own lives, run arround, have their own businesses, visit the neighbours, eat here and there (Hyppie's friends, Miska and Millie come over to eat, and I'm sure Hyppie also goes over for a snack), excersize, but then come home, mew at you, rub up, purr, curl on your lap and share their happiness with you.

Maybe I love cats because they remind me of me and the people I like the best: independent, calm, happy and looking for happiness, enjoying every minuto of their life, either at hunting or sleeping, ruled by their will, but easily working around and adjusting to their environment without giving up their nature.

Cats are just the best.

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