Aug 24, 2009

I'm Lovin' This Game

New York Jets vs Baltimore Ravens. The game has been fun, specially as the 4th quarter closes up and the adrenaline pumps up hard just like the muscle and the bone. There's not a minute of boredom, as the teams push each other through the yards looking for the touchdown.

I thought I wouldn't like it since I'm more into Rugby, but the game is awesome. It's still strange see so many players who are rather big instead of slim anf fit, but American Football does find a position for everybody, not only the sport and fit kind.

The game was an interesting match, led by Baltimore since the first moment, and up to the end of the second quarter it made me think that New York was a bag of pussies. The Knicks suck, and it seemed so did the Jets. Well, the Jets actually took the pre season to test their new quarterback, Mark Sanchez. I wouldn't say he did well, but then again, the whole Jets was bad. However, after Flacco left the game, the Ravens remained pretty orphaned, and pretty much relayed on the shabbiness of the Jets to keep up the score. However, the Jets tightened up and got quite close. 23 to 24. It wasn't so bad. Now I'm waiting for the next game. Next Monday Vikings vs Texans.

I'm loving this game!


Dragonfly said...

I think I love Baseball players as much as I love the rugby ones....


Storm Bunny said...

Well, Rugby is still the best of the best of the best with honors. That's an undisplutable title. Baseball players tend to be much more fit and athletic than American Football players, that's totally uncontested, but American Football is not about the body, but the action. It's so awesome! Then again Mark Sánchez ain't so bad looking either ^_~