Aug 19, 2009

Organized: A Way to get the Hang of It

Truth to be told, I wouldn't really think of myself as "organized", since I do have "messy spots" here and there, and I'm not as tidy as Dragonfly or my Aunt, or even my mom, for I leave usually a small "chaos space" for leasure (even though sometimes it takes the leasure out of the leasure and just makes a small knot of chaos), but then it seems I am. I'm organized compared to most of my coworkers, and therefore I've been entrusted with several things (double sided tape and stuff of which there's only one piece) because someone must make sure not to misplace it. I'm undoubtfully more organized than Kari, so I'm the one putting up the schedule for the three weeks I'll spend at home.

When I organize, whatever I do organize, I work in in big chunks first, "boxes" if you would like, and this is how, after turning the big blocks around, I kind of put my "skills" to other uses, and so I started organizing mentally Kari's place. I realized that the current outlay ain't bad, but rather good, if you know how to use the space. Kari dislikes it because he finds in it lots of dead spaces, but I think I have just come up with a fantastic solution, and add to it, a lovely outlay more in concordance with my liking. Still gara see how it works out, but I'm so excited!!! ^_^ I home to arrange and decorate. Wiiiiiiiihiiiiiiii!

I'm one happy Bunny. ^_^

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Dragonfly said...

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