Aug 15, 2009

A Murano Heart on Mother's Day

Today is mother's day in Costa Rica. I was supposed to go pay my bills but everything is closed, or should be, so I don't even bother going nowhere. Will have to run into a bank sometime these days before one of my cards goes bonkers on me and reaches "beyond due-days". I might be kind of crazy spending sometimes, but I'm very conscious about the pay dates. However I've work to do, related with the thesis. Hopefully my thesis-mate will be calling me during the day to work out details about the second chapter in order to conclude it and get on the third.

As most Saturdays, I woke up early to talk to my boyfriend, but today, while I was doing that I was also making my mom her present. Hell, hope he didn't feel offended because I wasn't paying him that much attention, though I tried (to pay him attention, not to offend him!).

The necklace I did to my mom was a pendant necklace with a medium "Murano" sky blue glass heart I've got at the local bead store. To make it a but more special I laced the necklace chain with small blue beads. The style is that of a rather short necklace, something of a choker, but it doesn't sit tight around the neck, but rather hangs down a bit resting the glass heart three fingers under the small hollow spot at the base of the neck. I loved doing it, it was fun, but the most important thing is that my Mom liked it.

"I love it! And I love blue so much!"

I know that. My mom has given me blue things for birthdays and Christmas regardless of the fact that blue is not my favorite color, but green. I guess mom forgets, and so she picks things she thinks of pretty, and being blue one of her favorite colors, she often picks blue things because she saws them as the most beautiful things. ^_^ This makes those blue things special for me, and that blue beautiful for me.

My mom is great. ^_^

Happy Mother's Day to all Moms out there, real moms, surrogate moms, adopted moms, spiritual moms and also my Aunty Zsuzsa too!!!!

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Dragonfly said...

Fantastic... It is awesome.. I love it too.