Aug 8, 2009


First of all: "Hell-O dear Anne! (Fayes_dreams, if I remember your handle correctly ^_^). Do these entries interest you too, or only the ones "politically incorrect", where I bitch about the Government? I'm never clear with that." Yeah, had to send that message, because the messaging system ain't working as well as I would like it to. (FB being a major pain in the ass, if you know what I mean...)

As you may have guessed, today's entry ain't about who did what and how was it reported in the newspapers I receive, but rather about people. Yeah, kind of in the same line of earlier entries about the people that "overshare" and stuff like that. This topic comes to my mind after doing a friend a favor and digging up a little bit about a chick he's interested in. At the begining this girl we call between us "Margarita" (she loves margaritas), seemed to be quite a lovely, interesting girl. A bit too fast and "out there", going after my friend like the end of the world is scheduled for tomorrow at 6 a.m. and she really, really needs to squeeze in as many lays as humanly possible or like my friend was "The Bachelor" and her whole life depended on getting some nookie with him. I did liked, though, that she sent him links to videos of Costa Rican trova music performers, because I know my friend is very Costa Rica centric and he appreciate such things. Add to it, it showed interest in the national culture and appreciation for the home-made art. Throwing the "trova" to it, because she didn't send salsa or cumbia, speaks of what could be taken as a bohéme spirit, and that's always nice, specially to counter a bit my friend's rational, numeric thinking with a bit of laidback, dialectic thought threading.

I would have kept rooting for Marge, but then my friend sent me the link to her blog and I started disliking her a bit. In her blog I discovered that she's nothing but a self-centered, commonplace thumbling spoiled brat, what we call here, a fresa (strawberry). I guess you know the type: they go around pretending to have such a difficult life, filled with so many responsabilities, because they have like a public image they have to take care of, but nobody understands them, only those who belong to the same circle, and they have to go to these exclusive clubs, and attend all kinds of receptions and charity balls, and political dinners, and foundation receptions and so on... Her spoiled brat attitude showed up soon enough spiking up her carefully prepared storyboard, where she evidently picked up the pieces from her act that would make her look like a "thinking entity", lend her the right bohéme flare to trick my friend. Right, the day the Gossip Girls start wearing sandals, tie-dye shirts, braids and flowers. Tell tale sings are, for instance in her blog profile, where her interests as "me, me, me, me and me", and where one blog goes playing the victim with lines like "I gonna close this blog because I'm so into Twitter... but I already said that and all my many, many friends begged me not to, hahahahaha!", and the other goes like "Oh, I know I'm spoiled, but I'll always deny it, but people discriminate spoiled brats like me, and they are so unfair to us, and I would like someone to tell me what's so bad about being a spoiled brat, which I'll always deny. hahahaha!".

When I finished reading that I stood up from my desk (I was at the office), went to the bathroom, scrubbed my eyes with a wire sponge, a wire brush and loads of acid and then went back, put on the Soviet anthem and read The Communist Manifesto to remind myself of a safe, nice place where people act normally. I reminded myself of nice things such as the Medieval Age, where people were burned as witches and kindoms were taken over by destroying people in the most brutal ways known to men.

I guess it's beyond mentioning to say that spoiled brats are very discriminative of other people. Well, they are "spoiled brats" and that's what they do, but like it always happens, when there is a kind of discrimination, there's also reversed discrimination. People react, deal with it. I've nothing against people who discriminate or reverse discriminate, as long as they don't get in my way, so if a group wants to discriminate others for not being spoiled (basically) and another group wants to discriminate spoiled ones, hey, be on your way and live long and prosper. However, when you are A or B, own up to it. It's not honest to say: "yes I know I am B but I'll always deny it", just live with it, own up to it. And, please, ho, don't go saying that there's nothing wrong with being what you are when you are dead set in denying it. Evidently you despise that lable. If you really thought it was a right thing, nice and clean with nothing bad, wouldn't you just stop denying it?

You can't go denying you are Jew, but keeping the whole ritual, or denying to be vegetarian but eating only veggies. Just own up to it, whore.

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