Sep 2, 2009


I don't follow many blogs, just as I don't follow many tweets and twitters (I'm just one of those "not really into other people's business" kinda gal), and even those I follow I don't really read regularly (except of Dragonfly's blog, mainly because she's just such a fresh breeze of tenderness in a sea of stale thoughts and rehearsed positions), but when I read, I do take my time, drink them in and mull over the message. May not comment, because there's nothing to comment, because maybe the process takes time, because something invite to reflection, silent meditation and not always the outspoken thought-flow, and because, believe it or not, sometimes I don't have anything to say. Then again, I believe this happens to a lot of people.

When you are a blogger, often you kind of feel this "pressure" to write about different topics, and you might feel a bit uneasy when you run around in circles about one single topic (which happens to me all the time, particularly when I have trouble letting something go), or you have recurrent topics, like you write about these unlivable people you know, or over and over, periodocally you talk about work, or love, or idiots, economics, rugby, NFL. sex, gay people... you name it. Might be boring, might be tiresome, but then again, it's your blog, like your journal, and you do as you please. People are invited to read or ignore. You blog, it's your way to express yourself, right? And in this spirit I would like to remain and see how every blogger has the right to write the hell they want and deal with the consequences. However, the thing is that a friend of mine, who has moved her old blog to a new one, has been repeating her entries, posting old entries as new. I mean, dude sure, I tried to do the same when I escaped the livejournal, and though I did reposted my old entries, I did it orderly, chronologically, and if I ever go back and fish more things out and repost them here, I'll do so orderly and chronologically.

I'd love, really love to think that she is just saving her old posts, because maybe she will close that account, and maybe she's not familiar with her new bloging environment (totally doubt so), and so she can place them orderly, but the truth is that the feeling I get (particularly by the amount of followers she has, and the fact tath she sings in a band and does have attention-cravings) is that she seeks to remain in the spotlight so when she has nothing to write, though she's prone neglect her blog, she throws in the "biggest hits". That then makes you think: is she original, did she wrote them, are these her, no additional ingredients, no retouching and photoshopping, airbrushing, revamping and marketing? Or is this maybe the limit of her originality, and aside from these entries, there's just no more of her?

I dunno, but I'm so disappointed. Feels like I hit a can against a solid surface and discovered it's empty and not full and wonderful, as I originally thought so.


Dragonfly said...

Mirá, a mi eso igual no me parce como decís vos, yo he tenido la oportunidad que una amiga de vez en cuando dice "esto es un post viejo" y lo retomo porque ahora paso que.... y entonces es como una entrada vieja con un up date y no me parece tan mal.... pero cuando solo los subieron y los copiaron porque se "ahorraron" el tiempo... eso si esta feo.

Besos :)

Storm Bunny said...

Diay sí, es que uno puede ampliar un tema, actualizarlo o incluso republicar partes y ajustarlo si uno a cambiado de opinión. Pero cuando ni siquiera es un refrito, sino palabra por palabra el mismo post, el mismo título, todo.

O sea,si te pasaste de blog, claro, pasá los posts, pero no que escribás posts nuevos y de pronto le intercalés posts viejos por que no tienes nada nuevo qué decir. Eso es una burla al lector.